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“Mocha’s Twisty Roll”
Contributed by Member: Mocha200

Most do Nowadays, but if you are in doubt, call your newspaper and find out)

  “The Jellyfish”

  Contributed by member: CowieCow

  1. Take a flat piece of cardboard (you can cut off one of the sides of an old box if you have one.). You can use a square shape, or cut a round, rectangular, or triangle – whatever fits best for your situation.
  2. Poke a bunch of holes in the cardboard.
  3. Then take a newspaper pages out of your local and shred it into inch wide pieces going down, the long way.  (NOTE: Most newspapers today use soy-based ink- safe for your rabbit, but check with your paper first).
  4. Take one of the ends of the shredded paper and twist it until it’s thin enough to fit through the holes in the cardboard. Fill the all the holes until you have a little “jellyfish” like toy.
  5. Now you have to hang it – so put holes through the corners, or put three holes on the edge of a circle (equal distance apart) and use sisal or some other safe twine to string it through (remember to tie a knot at the bottom so it will hold the jellyfish up.
  6. Then tie the strings together at the top and hang it in a doorway or somewhere low to the ground where your bunny can chew and run through the “curtain”.

My rabbit loved this, I made it about a month ago and she’s still playing with it. The best part is, once all the paper is pulled and ripped off you can just rethread it and it’s brand new again.

  The Boredom Buster Box
By BinkyBunny (May 2006)

(box is upside down so you can see inside)

“Boredom Buster” Box  -This took just a few minutes to make and my bunnies loved it.

  • Cut exit/entry holes in a cardboard box.
  • Then cut a couple of holes the size of toilet paper rolls in the sides.
  • Then fill toilet paper rolls with hay & mint and shove the rolls in the pre-cut holes.
  • Next I poke little tiny holes throughout the box and put tiny carrot strands through them.
  • I also have apple juice soaked Popsicle sticks and cut places in the box for that too.


  The Goody Bag

This took just a few minutes to make and my bunnies loved it

  • Punch holes in a paper lunch bag
  • Fill with hay, add greens and treats!  Remember too many treat can upset a bunny’s digestive system so cut treats into small bits and spread throughout inside of bag.
  • Tie closed with natural jute twine or just roll down top.



Since Bailey’s digestive system cannot handle treats very well, I usually just add some of her regular pellets and greens.



Contributed by Lesley (member: Kokaneeandkahlua)


A Simple and easy idea.  Just take a laundry basket, cut an exit/entry hole, fill it with shredded paper, hay, cardboard rolls (from empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls) and you have a Diggy Box!

Tip – Bury some healthy treats like mint & rosemary. They love to hop in and out and dig and rearrange the paper.

NOTE – As with any homemade toy, chewing on cardboard and paper and eating a little is okay. Most bunnies will eat a little, but mostly they’ll chew it up into smaller pieces and spit it out. But if your bunny loves to eat cardboard and paper as if s/he is having her last meal, then you need to take it away to prevent digestive upsets.