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BUNNY 911 – If your rabbit hasn’t eaten or pooped in 12-24 hours, call a vet immediately!  Don’t have a vet? Check out VET RESOURCES 

The subject of intentional breeding or meat rabbits is prohibited. The answers provided on this board are for general guideline purposes only. The information is not intended to diagnose or treat your pet.  It is your responsibility to assess the information being given and seek professional advice/second opinion from your veterinarian and/or qualified behaviorist.


Forum THE LOUNGE These are few of my Favorite Things (Fun Post)

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    • LittlePuffyTail
      18092 posts Send Private Message

      As you’ve most likely noticed, there has been some recent negativity on the Forums so I wanted to add something positive. This is a fun thread we did a few years back. 

      Post your favourite things! We all know we love bunnies and most of us love all animals too so just keep it to things and hobbies. No people or pets. Fun to see what we have in common. 

      These are a few of LittlePuffyTail’s Favourite Things:

      Hand Embroidery and Crafts, reading and watching Historical Fiction, real history (especially Tudor England and Ancient Egypt), Outlander, playing Mandolin, training horses, purple and grey, COFFEE!!!! (yes it does need all Caps ), herbal teas (especially Serenity Now from David’s Tea), music (mostly listen to rock and weirdo new age stuff), natural trail walks, the ocean, the moon, dreaming, being slightly psychic, Cruelty-Free products, being vegetarian, chocolate, Binky Bunny, lavender, bubble baths, yoga, meditation, old Simpsons episodes (don’t watch the newer stuff at all), Vikings series, popcorn, anything cute. 

    • Harley&Thumper
      444 posts Send Private Message

      Few things fill me with a sense of accomplishment like laying out a dense circuit board. Getting everything to fit, look nice, and function properly is a form of art. It’s a shame that the prettiest board I’ve ever made will never leave the factory .

    • Flakie
      148 posts Send Private Message

      Fab idea Little puffy tail.

      Well I’m a keep fit fanatic. Love going to my aerobic class, kettlebells and the gym.

      I love waking and would walk till I drop unfortunately my family don’t feel the same lol.

      I meet my friend to walk her dogs I’m their Auntie lol. I walk to and from work too.

      I love going to Disney World on holiday a big kid at heart. Love holiday time trying out a cruise this year hope I don’t get seasick.

      Enjoy playing candy crush on my iPad. Like going for drives to see if we can see wildlife. I like Ed Sheeran and George Ezra amazing singers, and my favourite tv programme is coronation street.

      Love supernatural series, Star Trek and x files !!

    • Sirius&Luna
      2309 posts Send Private Message

      Oooh fun. We share a few LPT (yoga, vegetarian, history)!

      I love reading, (my favourites are epic fantasy and literary fiction), cooking and baking (vegetarian and trying to increase my vegan cake range!), going out for dinner, yoga, feminism, protests, politics, running (do I like it? well it’s something that I’ve been trying to do a few times a week. Like isn’t really the right word), taking photos of bunnies, visiting the local city farm, house plants, sunshine, iced coffee, magic shows, live music (pop punk, emo and rock), true crime documentaries, Game of Thrones, tattoos, group chats.

    • Daisy
      199 posts Send Private Message

      Favourite things:

      – Sinking down in your couch after a thorough clean session and stare at your clean house (and watch the rabbits mess it up again). Or laying down in a freshly cleaned bed after coming out of a shower. Watching the rabbits go “it so cleaaaaan we need to change this D: ” in their freshly cleaned pen.

      – Going to concerts! I have Kensington and Nightwish planned *squee* Nightwish was a childhood favourite of mine (the times where Tarja still was the singer) and they’re doing a blast from the past tour so I can’t wait, it’s going to be so nostalgic hearing my childhood favourite songs live!

      – Going to festivals! I have Castlefest and Culinesse planned, can’t wait!

      – Finishing a drawing and then thinking “woa, I did that!”

      – Finishing an epic piece of code or solving an epic technical panic at work makes me feel like I’m god and I should be bowed to haha :’D

      – The look of awe in my grandparent’s eyes if I fix their tablet/phone issue

      – Riding a horse I used to be scared of like a boss. Some horses I ride are very wild and sometimes my childhood “omg I’m gonna die” fear gets triggered again. Then time to put your big girl panties on and ride like one extra beotch and show that horse who’s boss then after it’s done think “woah I just totally DID that”. A few of my favourite horses I used to be terrified of, so I’ve learned know I should never give in to fear!

      – Vacation! Have Barcelona and possibly Italy planned so far. : D

      – Spare ribs, shoarma, pancakes and stuffed chicken always make me go “yas THIS is life”

      – Watching your sad little plant revive back to life after watering it or watching the orchids flower again after spending the whole winter naked and asleep.

      – Going bat $*&! crazy at home on a favourite song and put the volume to the max. :’D Doberman by Raubtier, Blind and Frozen by Beast in Black, The Last Stand by Sabaton, Song About Absolutely Nothing by Scrum, Hakuna Matata by Leo oh yas yas

      Sirius&Luna: Wow punk and emo, haven’t heard those phrases in a long time! I’m guessing you are or were a fan of Greenday and Avril Lavigne and whatnot? And how about My Chemical Romance, Brokencyde? My Chemical Romance was a favourite childhood band of mine! I sadly never got to see them live, but I know they kinda sucked live anyway.

    • Sirius&Luna
      2309 posts Send Private Message

      Daisy, haha yes, all of those apart from Brokencyde who I’ve never heard of. I saw Taking Back Sunday a couple of weekends ago, reliving all my teenage dreams.

      And yes, a clean house before the buns mess it up is the best!

    • Bladesmith
      764 posts Send Private Message

      – My daughter. She’s such a joy to be around.
      – The feeling of finally getting a piece of steel to move in the direction I want it to (Steel can be quite stubborn and cheeky. Much like rabbits)
      – A good pipe on a cold winter day.
      -The first crispy cold day of fall, with leaves falling all around.
      – Coffee. (Yes, it’s Decaf and Sugar free, but it’s still coffee)
      – My Clover (Duh.)
      – Bacon
      – My X Box (I know, but when my back goes out, it’s my best friend)
      – BOOKS! (Is the new issue of the Secret World Chronicles out yet? Anything by Jim Butcher? C’mon already!)

    • YandereCapybara
      58 posts Send Private Message

      Favourite things:
      -Picking on my brother (Who’s eleven years older and extremely passive, sometimes he sleeps through it)
      -Sneaking veggies that I don’t like to my bunnies
      -Getting licked by Micky

      @Daisy Pancakes are the best ;3;3;3;3;3;3;3;

    • Ellie from The Netherlands
      1988 posts Send Private Message

      – Just being home with Bas and Breintje. Bas doesn’t visit very often these days because he’s busy with his thesis. Breintje loves it when the whole group is together, and he’ll flop out for all to see ^_^

      – Nights on the couch with Breintje lying next to me, sharing a blanket. Cup of tea, a good fantasy audiobook on and doing some sewing, knitting or embroidery. I love the quiet peacefulness of night. Huh, dawn already? Whoops!

      – Friends using my home as an oasis of calm in this crazy world. Some people even bring a book and just flop down on the couch to read while I’m just going about my daily business in the house at a snail’s pace. I feel honoured to be the person everyone goes to to relax or to talk about things on their mind.

      – Being everybody’s “granny” regarding cooking and baking, I have many friends who are single and working busy jobs. I always cook food in huge batches, and what’s left goes into the freezer for a bad day or for an emergency. Being a coeliac I have to cook everything from scratch. My kitchen is always filled with fresh veggies and all sorts of herbs and spices, so I can whip up dinner for 10 if need be. Sometimes friends drop by for dinner if they’ve been stuck in traffic and don’t have time to cook anymore, or when they’re so upset that they forgot to eat. Chicken soup for the soul ^_^

    • MoxieMeadows
      5365 posts Send Private Message

      Sounds like a fun thread!

      Things I like/love: COFFEE (my go go juice ), Tea, reading, poetry, playing my ukulele, (most) children, hiking, making food and buying food for people I care about (pretty much just feeding the people I love for some reason lol). Music! (I love most all music, but I love ‘older’ emo music like My Chemical Romance, Linkin Park etc., and I have also gotten into Kpop over the last couple years. I have noticed it getting more popular as or recently) Dance (tap is my favorite to do, but I love all). I like flower gardens and growing Rhubarb. Being the favorite/cool aunt BLANKETS! Hot showers, giant sweaters. Makeup.
      I also like watching Shane Dawson on Youtube, I like hugs. “The Office”. Naps. Things along those lines, haha

      A weird thing I like though is throwing things away. Like, if I am cleaning, I like throwing things out and feeling the satisfaction of never having to pick it up again, LOL

    • Gordo and Janice
      703 posts Send Private Message

      @LPT – Lol…since mediation came after yoga I assume you meant meditation. But if you meant mediation that is an interesting thing to have as a favorite. Must be the lawyer in you.

      Okay, LPT said a few, and at my age it has become only a few. Most of you guys can go on for days (which is great).

      What seems virtually impossible to come by, silence…true silence, not just really really quiet that you can hear a pin drop. That and more, true silence. Silence of my surroundings and silence of my mind(hard to explain and such a rare event indeed)

      Sleeeeeeeeeeeep….especially when freshly showered and clean and on freshly cleaned sheets. But really just sleep, good sleep, in general. (Hard to come by as well)

      Racquetball (not Squash, which is more popular the world over) but racquetball. Pure hustling, athletic, competitive, exhilarating, racquetball. Hours of racquetball.

      Finding that most comfortable position when lying around. When every cell in your body is like, “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, so comfortabllllllle.”

      The dawn and early morning of a new day, outside before the world wakes up.

      And of course spending time with and laughing with my wife.

      Edited:  Oops!  Just reread the “no people and pets”.  So scratch the wife…haha.  Just leave the laughing.  I love to laugh.

    • sarahthegemini
      5584 posts Send Private Message

      My bf gets up at 5:30 every morning during the week for work and he snores bad, so once he’s gone, i love actually sleeping for the next few hours (if the buns allow it!) I love eating, not so much cooking, but eating i can do all day ? I think those two are fairly common though.

      I also love: nail polish/painting my nails, scary shark films, cheesy shark films, Marina and the Diamonds, Once Upon A Time (but not season 7), avocado on toast, a good cup of tea, admiring a clean bunny room before they inevitably mess it up 15 minutes later, changing into my ‘comfy bra’ and pjs after a long day, picnics, hot showers on a cold day, cool showers on a hot day, animal documentaries (especially big cats and marine life), murder documentaries, The Goldbergs, strawberries, eating a delicious filling meal and thinking ‘I can’t believe this is vegan’

    • Gordo and Janice
      703 posts Send Private Message

      Okay, modifying my answers above. They weren’t real relatable, I don’t think. So relatifying (new word) to a degree.

      (I still think the mediation for LPT was a peculiar favorite…hehe)

      Still have to include sleep. Sleeeeeeeep!
      Racquetball is number one (and maybe only) hobby and way to stay fit. Love it. Bring racquet, will play.
      There is something invigorating and refreshing about the dawn and early morning of a new day and being outside in it. Favorite time of day.
      I love to laugh so comedies and certain comedians (most popular ones) I enjoy watching.

      I have about 50 radio stations on my Pandora account but the most listened to are Techno, Ambient, and an easier listening station a step down from Techno, also electronic (maybe Trance, not sure of the genre actually).

      I am a sucker for all the animations. I am apparently a child at heart.
      I still don’t think I am very relatable or have a lot in common with most people…lol…but, it is what it is.

      (Don’t know if it is a guy thing or not but getting a piece of steel to move in a desired direction…gave me some “Tool Time Tim Allen” goosebumps…controlling matter…cooool)

    • MountainBuns
      513 posts Send Private Message

      Hmm, A few of my favorite things.

      Singing a song or playing instruments with friends
      Entertaining my squad
      Video games
      Painting (I paint animals and forestry)
      Taking walks
      Petting my bun
      Chicken(Any literal type of chicken, Give me a live chicken, I’ll love it.Same with fried chicken)
      Sleep(of course)

    • Rain
      547 posts Send Private Message

      Reading (My room is literally a library. Even Rain hasn’t been able to chew every cover because there’s too many books, lol!)
      That smell of soil after it rains
      Writing poetry and fiction
      Music- I love playing the piano, and the viola and violin

    • Sofia
      348 posts Send Private Message






      Irish dancing

      Gaelic football  (both irish sports look it up if you want)

      Sunny days

      Walking with headphones in

      Fleece pyjamas

      Vanilla yoghurt



      Water over any other drink

      Being vegetarian  (although I try to be vegan as much as I can)

      Trying to turn other people vegetarian or vegan


      Being home alone


      Cruelty free products (nothing fills you up a with joy like seeing that leaping bunny logo on a shampoo you’re buying)

      Airports and airplanes

      Travelling in general


      Petting zoos

      Cows (all time favourite animal)

      Comedy movies

      Waking up at 1pm on a Saturday morni-afternoon

      Fluffy socks

      Prawn crackers

      Learning Spanish

      Decorating my room (and boos shed)food

      White wood


      The colour red

      As you can see most of its food

    • Azerane
      4402 posts Send Private Message

      This is fun (though mean to not include pets, lol).

      Bush walking/hiking/enjoying nature


      Bird/wildlife photography

      Camping (though I don’t get to do it much now, especially with all the pets)

      Sketching/drawing/pencil and digital art

      Making things (this includes small DIY projects, small craft things for myself or homemade pet toys, or even assembling flat packed furniture)

      Nature documentaries

      The Lion King (1994 movie and the muscial)

      My Lion King collection

      Disney movies and plenty of other movies, lol (So excited for the new How to Train Your Dragon next year)

      Watching movies/tv/to unwind etc

      Board games and card games

      Merchandising (it’s my job but I love the feeling of accomplishment and success at turning an ugly pallet of stock into a neat and appealing display, it caters to both my creative senses and my joy of making/building things with my hands).


      Eating, lol

      Spring and Summer days

      A clean house (I don’t enjoy cleaning, but I sure do enjoy having a clean house, haha).

      Computer games

      That’ll do for now

    • Bam
      14165 posts Send Private Message

      I love hiking and sailing, wood whittling (rather new at it), roses, warm weather, pulse spinning and chocolate ?

    • Snowflake
      9 posts Send Private Message

      I enjoy: my new bunny, Snowflake, of course.
      Got to hand feed humming bird right outside my front door this year.
      Making jewelry and rosaries
      Any type of arts and crafts
      Volunteer work
      Prayers and meditation
      Books, books, books
      Coffee and beignets
      Finding shapes in the clouds

    • LittlePuffyTail
      18092 posts Send Private Message

      You all love wonderful things.

      Gordo&Janice- Haha, no def not mediation. I don’t want any part of anyone’s drama, lol….

      Sara- Yeah, I was a HUGE OUAT fan but thought it was just stupid and greedy of the show to continue past 6 when that was the perfect ending and so many actors were leaving, so I decided to not watch 7 at all. I figured it would just get cancelled.


      Cruelty free products (nothing fills you up a with joy like seeing that leaping bunny logo on a shampoo you’re buying)

      YES!!!! I really love cows too. Especially Highland Cows!!!! I got to see some this weekend at the annual Highland Games and I was in love……

      Snowflake- I often see bunnies in the clouds. I like to think they are my passed on babies.

    • sarahthegemini
      5584 posts Send Private Message

      LPT – not gunna lie, the only thing keeping me watching season 7 is Hook

      I love Regina too but Hook…?

    • LittlePuffyTail
      18092 posts Send Private Message

      Yes, Hook is very captivating….Love him too. That’s why I plan on rewatching 1-6.

    • Sonn
      1640 posts Send Private Message

      Wynonna Earp all day every day! My favorite show! WATCH IT!
      Comic books
      Graphic novels
      Horror books
      Sci-Fi books
      Zombie anything
      Star Wars
      Video games! I’ve wasted so much of my life playing games! LOL
      1960’s-1970’s cars
      Building electronics
      Studying different topics especially medical journals, veterinary studies, and dinosaurs
      Photography (animals, and macro are my favorite subjects)

    • Azerane
      4402 posts Send Private Message

      If I ever owned a cow (for whatever reason, lol) it would be a Highland They’re so cute!

    • Muj Mom N Bun
      352 posts Send Private Message

      Wow! Ok, here goes…
      I love to knit, complex cabling and very fine lace stitch work are my favorites
      Tatting! I relish this lost art because, it’s a lost art and I need say no more
      Crochet… because it’s the quickest way to make some of the heaviest, warmest Aran blankets you’ll ever get under… but also because sometimes both my wrists scream for a break so I will switch over to one hook… also works up super quick compared to knitting and can’t even compare tatting.
      Cooking and Baking! If I’m not sitting down with my needlecrafts, I’m usually standing in the kitchen! I love world cultures and strongly believe the best way to learn the culture of people is to share in their foods… I now cook at least 4 regional cuisines of the world… and I am still learning and know I haven’t even begun to make a dent!
      Foriegn Languages! After food, there is no better way to learn a culture than to go out, eat and speak with others… I now speak 4 languages… but I live for tracing back historical footprints and civilizations through word commonalities and developments (lexicology) Learning new words and what their roots are and if words we know today are related to them brings out the pure nerd in me!
      Sewing, designing, painting, mostly with water colors,
      not in any necessary order ??
      COFFEE!!! Black, it must be Black Coffee, no milk or sugar, please?
      TEA, all different kinds of teas….
      gardening… so rewarding
      Walking… also super rewarding, mentally and physically
      Board games with my son, including Chess
      And Ballet, I used to teach ballet but now with my fibromyalgia, nope… can barely move, but the love will always be there…

      There were several other runner ups… but I would’ve surely brought out my nerd for all the world to see!

    • Muj Mom N Bun
      352 posts Send Private Message

      Forgot to add in my newest favorite thing… buying makeup! Probably the only item that would make me sound like someone born in this generation or era… and not maybe 200 years ago…. how could I leave it out?!?!?

    • Muj Mom N Bun
      352 posts Send Private Message

      Gordon and Janice… Silence of the mind… I know that with a faint recollection, and it is a valued treasure!

    • jerseygirl
      22138 posts Send Private Message

      Muj Mom N Bun, You do a lot of needlecrafts! Had you seen the arts and crafts thread? << haha, thread… I'm easily amused.
      Please share photos there if you are willing.

      On a side note You mentioned Q8bunny and myself in another thread. Im wondering if it was an exchange between Q8 and Vienna Blue in France though? Those gals… Regardless, happy to read it had you laughing when you really needed it. : )

    • BunnyLass568
      210 posts Send Private Message

      Some of my favorite things? Singing, writing, watching movies/tv/YouTube, reading, listening to all kinds of music, stuffed animals, video games, drawing, photography, nature, sleeping and dreaming, baking/cooking, making the bunnies toys from cardboard, sewing, painting…

    • Daisy
      199 posts Send Private Message

      Muj mom, yes tea! Tea is love, tea is life.

    • Muj Mom N Bun
      352 posts Send Private Message

      Hi Jersey, I’m going to check the arts and crafts thread and hopefully will see if I can upload a few things… I’m still struggling to upload (resize) BunBun pics. And re the conversation, it may have been, it was so late at night that I may have gotten confused… but either way, I’ve come across some new friends… friends with Bunnies! Yay!

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Forum THE LOUNGE These are few of my Favorite Things (Fun Post)