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    @BunnyLass: Hehehe, room service!

    @azerane: lol, clever girl! *Mission Impossible theme* You’ll create the distraction, I’ll head for the treat jar!

    Breintje fell asleep after his massage this morning. He sat next to me on the couch and I massaged him for 20 minutes or so. I put my arm around him and he drifted off into REM-sleep, twitching ears and all. Bas and I were looking at him the whole time, it was such a precious moment. It’s so beautiful when a skittish animal trusts you so much that he drifts away next to you.
    It took me a while to get him used to the massage, because he used to bolt when someone wanted to put two hands on him. Each time I start with a certain kind of stroke where he doesn’t notice that I’m using two hands: one hand is on the head stroking down to the tail, and when the hand is at the tail you start at his head with the other hand. This way you’ll always have one hand in contact with the bunny until he’s a bit more calm. Then we took it further one bit at a time: massaging the neck and the side of the spine with the fingertips of both hands.



    That is a very effective technique for skittish buns

    Az: Luna sounds like a criminal mastermind of the bunny world lol May I suggest storing treats in hanging nets like they do for bears while camping?


    Asriel and Bombur

    Ellie: I use the same technique for Az and it works like a charm Skittish buns are sometimes the best buns. So much accomplishment when they lighten up. Also so many tears xD

    Az: that too funny! I have to agree with Q8, sounds like you need a bunny net xD

    Asriel has taken to wanting to get out the door and stroll down the hall. So we have 2 rooms on the second floor of John’s uncle’s house. The first room is storage and the second one is ours+bunnies room. The storage room we used when we were going to bond them, and neither one really had an interest in it before. For whatever reason Asriel has no taken to trying to escape the bedroom and either go in the storage room or towards the bathroom. Last night around 2am the little bugger decided to wait at the door for me to come back in the room, then he BOLTED to the stair case so I couldn’t catch up. 15 minutes to wrangle him 10 feet down the hall. smh.


    Breintje has become an explorer nearly overnight. He used to be afraid of slippery floors, but he found out that my moblity scooter is a hidey hole. Luckily there are no exposed cables… I have to get rid of my filthy bachelor habit of using the bathroom with the door open, because Breintje sprinted into the hallway and bumped into the bathroom door while I was on the throne. He sat there a bit dazed, and after some pets on the head he walked into the bathroom and started chinning everything. He’s walking into the kitchen now as I’m typing, I fear for the vegetable drawer the next time the fridge door opens.



    We had the worst thing happen yesterday. We were on our way to the grocery store, and then there was this dog laying in the road. It had been hit by a car, probably just moments before. It wasn’t dead, but dying. It was beyond help, we ended up turning around, when we got there it had passed. Somebody carried it over to the side of the road. When we returned from the store, it was gone. I assume someone knew who it belonged to and the owners came to get it. I just wish I hadn’t seen it, it was horrible. It makes me even more worried about Otis. That road is very busy and just a couple of blocks from our house. He has gotten away from me before, and always runs towards that road. I need to teach him a reliable recall, yesterday.



    Oh Hazel im only too familiar with that fear!
    We live on a main road for the primary motorway in our county, so busy is an understatement. My elderly (and heedless) granmother takes my 9 year old dog out for walks every day but REFUSES to use a lead, despite everything. About two weeks ago, my dog saw us getting into the car from across the road while out with my grandmother. She sprinted across the road and we all watched powerless as she narrowly avoided three lanes of traffic.

    I did the most stupid thing yesterday night, I had gotten up to get a drink, felt dizzy and weak, and in my addled state ended up knocking myself out ?
    I look like i got into a pretty bad fight, with a black eye, cut eyelid, a very swollen nose and a moderate concussion ? thankfully i was nowhere near the rabbits!

    Because its winter, i decided to stop using the converted glasshouse for the rabbits, at least until spring, but let my chicken into it to keep her safe from the local predatory cats that have been harassing her lately, also to keep the grass and weeds down, and to give her extra nutrients as she’s an old lady. Shes also excellent pest control and removes a lot of insects from the soil, and her poop acts as an amazing fertilizer. Awesome.
    Except someone left the door open to it, and my puppy trashed it. Months of careful planting, reseeding and upkeep, all ruined. He pulled up (and chewed) the herbs, the trees, and tore up the grass sods, dug the soil and broke the ‘burrow box’.



    I come back after five days of yellow and am now anxious about all these reckless buns and grandmas and dogs and noggins. What’s happening this fall!?

    We’re ok. Chewie has started hibernating like a bear since experiencing his first snow (although his room is toasty… go figure).

    I’m procrastinating a lot about getting work done on the new book. lol And a new approach to our Instagram accounts is in the works for the new year. They’re both very haphazard at the moment and it’s bugging my OCD. Plus on my personal one, I’ve gotten DM’s from strangers asking why my photography had no captions, or what my theme is (uh… none atm). lol

    So that’s all the news.

    Glad everybun’s ok despite bouts of exploration lunacy.



    I don’t know if anyone on here is into superheroes and comic books but I just checked Twitter out and found out that Stan Lee has passed away. I’m not big on superheroes but I know he created some of the best ones and he was a huge part of the superhero and comic book community when in truth he didn’t have to be. Good-bye Stan Lee, a legend among legends. 1922-2018, RIP.


    A quick *HI waaaaaaave* to everyone before i get a yellow error screen….. haven’t been around for a while as I cant log on. Sniff.

    All ok here. Winter is coming….. dark wet rainy evenings = YUK

    All four fluffballs are well.

    Merry Chrimbo to all if i can’t get on again !!!!!



    Hi Vee! ??????

    Yes, it’s super sad about Stan. He is singlehandedly responsible for bringing to life some of my favourite heroes (and villains). Binky free, wizard… ❤️


    Asriel and Bombur

    Hubs and I are big on Marvel, so we’re pretty bummed. The movies won’t be the same without his cameos. “What’s the matter with you kids?!? Haven’t you ever seen a spaceship before?” xD cracks me up! 

    The blonde hair saga continues. So after the color correction went horribly wrong and we needed to dye it back to brown in the interim (story above), I was told to do oil pulling masks once a week for the 3 weeks until I saw her. We found out it did nothing but really moisturized my already oily head   So we scourged the internet finding a way to get rid of the indigo remnants in my hair, because it’s in chunks all over and not at my tips and therefore can’t be cut out. We discovered people having luck with vitamin C masks. So I did my first mask on Sunday, and aside from dry hair it lifted the brunette dye from my hair and has left me with a copper color. Like I am a red head now. Which would’ve been great the rest of my life when I was trying to get this exact color  So mask 2 was last night and it just made me more of a red head. HOWEVER… the indigo is still there. I can see it plain as day. It’s not the green it was when I was briefly blonde, but it’s much darker than the red of the rest of my hair, so I really don’t think this is working at all. A little bummed. We were hoping to Gwen Stefani on Sunday, but it looks like I’m gonna have to wait until the indigo grows out/finally fades. SOOOOO in the mean time I’m thinking rose gold blonde. That way I still get to be blonde, but the rosy reddish tints will cancel out the greenish blue of the indigo. 



    I figured I’d join in with the November chat. 

    My two girls Kumquat and Papaya will be 7 months old next week. They were not spayed (until yesterday), our Vet wanted to wait til they were 6 months old. So right at 6 months, they ramped up their bad behavior. Papaya was trying to bite my youngest kiddo continuously. More like threatening, I think. But we were sorting out the billing arrangements because spaying is insanely expensive (at least here). Then last week, I was sitting with Papaya and she narrowed her eyes, went behind me and suddenly scratched (repeatedly) at my back. I guess she was trying to show me who was boss, but it didn’t hurt even the tiniest. I laughed it off, made a joke about her moving to the right a bit, because it was itchy. I knew she was being cranky and we needed to get the spaying process handled asap. 

    So, their surgery was yesterday. After the 15 minute pre-op appointment, and the Vet mentioning repeatedly that surgery is very risky with rabbits – I was terrified that they would die on the operating table. I even cried on the way home. I was so relieved when they called me and said the buns went through surgery with zero issues and recovered from anesthesia. We had them boarded overnight so the medical techs could observe them, make sure they were okay. 

    And we picked them up today. I was not prepared for the post-op conversation we had with the Vet. I just had to share, because it was too funny (at least to me). 

    So, the Dr is telling us about the surgery, it went well. And boarding went well.
    After surgery, they need pain meds daily for a week.

    The Vet tells me, “It tastes like honey. Usually it’s an easy task but not with your bunnies. It took 3 techs. It was not easy…”

    Me : “Oh, okay. So wait, what? Bunnies in general or MY bunnies??”
    Vet: “YOUR bunnies.”
    Me: ….
    Vet: “We have a sign that we use for some dogs or cats, ‘CAUTION: WILL BITE’ and we had to use one for both of your bunnies.”
    Me: …
    Vet: “We’ve never had to use it for buns before.”
    Vet: “You have naughty bunnies.”
    Me:  ?

    Our bunnies run with the wolves.  If you’ve never read this article, I love some of the quotes in here. “Runs across the room with murder in his eyes” is one of my favorites. And pretty much describes Papaya, who apparently was the worst at the Vet.

    Funny thing is, she never acts like that with me (other than the rather bad attempt at scratching me once). And when we brought them home, they nuzzled our hands, acted calm and not bitey at all. I guess they only have love for us. 

    Hope my story wasn’t too long!


    Hi Quinn and welcome. I’m so glad your girls are back home and safe. I’m sure you are aware that the absolute necessity is for them now to get back eating properly. So do what you need to and give them what they want in order for that process to start again – some naughty treats if necessary.
    Keep them nice and warm in their post operative state and make sure they nibble anything carrots raisins rose leaves Willow leaves anything just make sure they eat.
    They will be drowsy for a day or two. Don’t hesitate to contact the vet or post on BB if you think anything is strange in their behaviour.
    Enjoy your fluffy babies. They are gorgeous !



    Quin: Hilarious story. The convo and quotation made me snort my cocoa. But I’m glad they’re ok.

    A&B: Sorry the colour wheel is messing with your hair and sanity. A thought did cross my mind last time we chatted about this: is it at all possible that the indigo was not pure? I’ve never tried it on anything but cloth, but wouldn’t have guessed that one tiny little plant could produce such pernicious pigment. lol Either way, rose gold sounds extremely pretty.


    Muj Mom N Bun

    Wow! Quin: When I get BunBun spayed, that’s the conversation I want to look forward to! Lol!
    Ellie: Can you explain more about the massage technique, please? BunBun is really loving and adores pets but when it comes down to two hands on and other types of handling she really can be skiddish and resistant. I can use all the help I can get….
    Az: today my criminal in training saw that I was holding her bag of strawberry treats in my hand when I had to suddenly answer the phone, so she decided since I was taking too long on the call, she’d take the hole bag out of my hand and run away with them… leaving a trail of dried strawberries across the carpet in the process that I had to quickly get to before she did or else! Let’s just say I ended the call


    @quinn: lol, I hope your mischievous ladies make a quick recovery! Great story ^_^ One of Bas’ former roommates had a part-time job as a vet assistant, and he met enough feisty bunnies in his career to be impressed. He’s training to be a marine, but he’ll always have a healthy respect for a bunny and its teeth…

    @Muj Mum: these were the websites I found helpful: (Especially the part under the tab “Giving Your Bunny a Massage”, they explain the technique there). I start out by a soft stroke from head to tail, to check if Breintje wants to be massaged at the time. When you arrive at the tail you put your other hand on their head and stroke to the tail again, to make it a continuous pattern of strokes. With practice this will help your rabbit to adjust to two-hand touching. It took Breintje a while too, he was always scared of being picked up.

    There’s also a Youtube video of rabbit massage, and massage for gas pains:

    This one is helpful too:

    I hope that it’ll work for the both of you


    Muj Mom N Bun

    Thanx Ellie! Yes, I have watched one of those once before when Bun had her really bad gas attack… that was the one time she was willing to let me do those massages side to side on her tummy. I wasn’t able to do it as fully as they did but I was truly surprised at how much she let me do! She must’ve really appreciated all the help she cld get, especially at that time of night!

    I will totally be taking a look at these. I too can use all the help I can get.


    Asriel and Bombur

    When Bombur had stasis a few time I tried tummy massages first, and he was 100% not having it. Sure had enough energy to belly crawl away from me xD 

    The Blonde Hair Saga Part 3: After all the vitamin C treatments and oil pulling masks, we are finally back to blonde. Had to go with ashy blonde with some shadow roots. I was so ready to go in there with the rose gold, but the stylist was phenomenal with how much the color lifted after an hour of lightener in the open, and then another hour of lightener in the open. The blue is very much still there, but not as noticeable with how she toned it and the shadow roots. Before all of that it was a gorgeous silvery blonde with soft blue almost balayaged into it. If I didn’t work for a law firm *sigh* But here’s the final product! We’re waiting about 8 weeks and then hopefully by then we can go platinum!


    Tony's Mum

    Today is Tony’s gotcha day!!! He’s been my best friend for two years ????



    Happy Gday, Tony bun!

    My best friend is also a bunny, so I send heartfelt nose boops



    Looks good A&B! Hehe, you and Bombur kinda match.



    Belated Hoppy Gotcha Day wishes, Tony!!!

    A&B, very pretty color! And yes, you and Bombur do match =)



    Happy late gotcha day Tony!! Also I hope that everyone in America had a good Thanksgiving!


    I love that snuggle pic A&B, you look so comfy together ^_^ Colour looks great on you too, it reminds me of Billie Piper’s fierce look. 

    Winter is announcing itself here, we’re constantly having temperatures around 2 °C and ice cold rains. Great times for introverts, and a perfect excuse to have a large pan of soup or stew on the stove. I’ve been stocking the pantry like a squirrel and I’m slow-cooking some Dutch pea soup. The peas fall apart overnight and the soup becomes so thick that it’s nearly a puree. It also passed the wooden spoon test: the spoon stands upright and the smoked sausage won’t sink. Time to stock the freezer and to share some care packages with friends who are always too busy to cook a proper meal 




    Asriel and Bombur

    Awww shucks thanks guys Bombur gets all the cute compliments so not a bad thing to look like him Yes Ellie! I hadn’t even thought of that!

    Happy belated gotcha day Tony!

    Ellie send some of that this way! I’m a big fan of pea soup! Honestly the best!

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