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    I was on chat last night to Amazon and they don’t deliver any of them to Dubai anyway
    I understand that you can’t manage to afford it either.
    They are for cats so maybe you can get one from Dubai
    I was sending it to you as a picture of the screen
    Maybe you could find something that would suit that purpose?



    Sorry haven’t been on in a long time. Still didnt manage to get litter , and she still is eating the newspaper based litter. Im just stuck at this point.



    Can you buy or improvise a plastic cover to let wee through but not too big so she can eat litter through it?



    several experts say that Pine pellets are fine. Their danger level is low. especially if your rabbit eats the paper. Jadeo, I would look for information outside of the forum to back up your claim that “all pine should be avoided”

    Here you go
    house rabbit society says feline pine is fine

    This house rabbit article says the are also okay and not liver toxic. Based on actual studies

    Indianna house Rabbit Society says they are good too

    Rabbit Haven is also in agreement.

    So Reem, Make your own decision based on whats available!



    Do you put anything on top of the pellets? I use a puppy pee pad, then wood pellets (2 cups for a 9 gallon litterbox that is around 60x73cm), then I fill it with fresh hay. I change it daily. I’ve read the controversy over pellets and I chose to use them. But I don’t use a lot, and I cover with hay. The combination of puppy pee pad and pellets – helps greatly with absorption and odor control. The pellets are the best I have found with odor control. The pee pad absorbs a lot, and makes it easy to grab the 4 corners and lift the whole mess out of the litter box and toss it in a grocery bag to throw away. I have personally not found another commercial rabbit litter material that does as good of a job at odor control.




    I put hay on top of the pellets. I don’t have any issues. I use a scoop to clean out my box so no need for the puppy pad, plus our bun thinks they are a delicious snack!



    Yeah I do have to fold the corners down and really lay the hay on thick. Or Guin will eat the puppy pads…



    there are lots of evidence fir and against the ( outside thus forum) I’m sure the link I posted stated this.
    so with any pine there is a risk involved.
    I believe if there is a risk which there is because no one truly knows it’s best to use a safer option.
    as there are many safer options available its logical to use the safer ones.

    carefresh is great for odor control I have never once smelt pee from her litter tray ever.

    but that’s my opinion and I’m only expressing it, just like you have the right to your opinion.




    Can you put a litter box screen between her and the litter? If so you could use recycled paper.



    I have used flourescent light fixture screens – as litter box screens. They come in these huge sheets of plastic, about 4ftx2ft, called egg crate styrene lighting panel, at home depot. They advertise them in packs of 5, but they sell individually. Probably not easily available in Dubai – but for those who can get them, they are easy to cut to any litter box shape you want. Here’s what they look like



    That’s a great idea Vanessa if its available.
    I’ve been racking my brains trying to think of something plastic and where it can be cut to size.



    Compressed sawdust pellets are inexpensive, highly absorbent litters used in many foster homes. They are made from softwood or hardwood sawdust, but they are not toxic because the phenolic compounds are removed during their manufacture. Their wood composition helps control bacterial growth and odors. Wood stove fuel pellets and Feline Pine are two examples of this product.

    Source: The House Rabbit Society


    We use wood stove pellets with our two rabbits, which work really well and are very inexpensive. The litter linked in the first post seems to be compressed pine, which would be fine to use. Just make sure it is compressed and doesn’t contain the dangerous oils that sawdust of the same wood does.



    I was reading an article lately about stove pellets which I’ve never checked the bag for myself as I use them also. Apparently some wood stove pellets have an acceleran added to the product.



    All wood stone pellets that have an accelerant have it marked on the bag. In addition, accelerant is mostly not valued as an ingredient in wood stove pellets, because they’re supposed to burn slowly and the accelerant just speeds up the process unnecessarily.



    The pellets you took a photo of in your post says pine scented that’s what I’m concerned about also.
    You never know what they add to them.
    Care fresh is supposed to be completely safe. And supposed to be the safest option
    Hope you have found something to use to prevent her eating them. I suppose if you rabbit is prone to eating litter its a good idea you aren’t using the wood pellets.



    That’s good to know redbunbun. My bag is finally empty enough I can read it, no accelerant listed on the bag.

    I did notice it states not for animal or human consumption. Can’t say I’ve ever seen mine eat it anyway.



    Reem, I would suggest trying a couple of different things.

    1. Contact and see if they can order Care Fresh for you. Their customer service is usually wonderful.

    2. Order a good supply of Care Fresh from Amazon or a North American online pet store like PetSmart or PetLand, and have it shipped to you via Aramex’s Shop and Ship forwarding service – I have found their rates to be really reasonable, especially if the shipping from the store itself to the Aramex U.S. address is free.

    If all else fails, get those rolls of fingerpainting paper from IKEA and shred them for your furbaby’s litter box.

    Good luck, neighbour!



    I have been too busy to come on this site lately but I have been ordering from Dubaipetfood ever since I got her. It is by far the best petshop in Dubai. I did finally get enough money to buy 2 big bags of shavings and her other things. I know that pine shavings has two sides to it but since I can’t just waste money on vet bills cause everything is so expensive here in case anything happens. She’s my baby and I’d rather stay on the safe side. Thank you so much for all the answers.


    I have a plastic cat litter tray with shredded paper in it.

    On the bottom are newspapers (to soak up and ease the lifting from the tray when cleaning)
    On top of that I put shredded paper from used A4 sheets of paper ‘to be recycled’ at the office (I made a tray so everyone adds to it for “Zouzou’s bottom”!!)’ , with pretty much little or no ink on. A 10cm thick wad of A4 turns into an impressive volume of shredded paper which I keep in a bin bag.
    The newspapers are freebies and I shred the paper with a one way shredder at work making spaghetti type shreds (not the better 2 way machines that shred paper into confetti). I used to work for a company that didn’t have excess paper. Well, I just asked a friend whose company did, to give me a bag every now and again. Most companies shred documents these days.

    I’ve always done this, It’s free, its clean, its VERY obvious when she’s been in it (its white), I believe it’s warm for her bum and also she chooses to sleep it in quite often when she’s not ‘doing her business’.
    The bulkiness of the shredded paper means her bum doesn’t touch any wee which sinks straight down to the newspaper.
    She does eat a strip of paper when a new batch arrives, which makes her look like she’s eating a long bit of spaghetti which gets sucked up and up and up and UP and then disappears! (or like me eating a long candy shoelace!!) Very sweet. Not dangerous.

    Hope that gives some ideas to anyone who hasn’t got access to ‘proper’ litter..



    The problem with shredded paper as litter is that many rabbits love eating newspaper. My bun loves eating normal newspaper and newspaper litter but if your bun doesn’t eat paper it seems like a very easy good litter.


    I agree, Zou likes ripping newspapers to shreds (but she can’t feel the newspapers right below her bottom in the tray ! heehee), but isn’t as bothered with normal white A4 printing paper….. so it works brilliantly! :o))



    I’ve always used wood pellets with all my animals and their litter trays-ferrets, rats and now the bunny. Rats are the most sensitive to dust with their respiratory system. Care fresh has caused some sneezing in the past since its dusty, and the paper pellets I can’t tolerate the smell of, they smell chemical to me.

    Wood pellets can differ in different area’s of the world, so it is worth investigating prior to use. Chemicals are not something that should be in any of them (unless you get one with accelerate, which is more expensive and typically in smaller bags), but if they use black walnut, that is found to be toxic to some animals and you would not want to use it. If the woods used in your area are safe, it is just compressed sawdust. I’ve called companies that produce it and they will usually tell you what woods are used. Many use a variety of woods and it will vary from bag to bag what ones are in them.

    Paper pulp uses a multitude of chemicals and heat on paper, plus whatever ink may of already been on the paper. For the the ones which are white or colored there is bleach added to that mix as well. For those who care, the chemicals used for that natural colored paper pulp have a low environmental impact, whereas the bleached/colored ones are far more damaging and cause a high level of pollution.

    Carefresh adds chemicals to theirs for odor control, which they will not divulge what chemicals because it is considered proprietary. They do ensure it’s safety.

    There is also aspen, which some folks use. As far as I know it’s quite safe, but I haven’t gone so far as to investigating how it’s made.

    Anyways, I thought I’d toss all that out there. Basically we just go with what we feel is the safest choices and let’s face it worrying about pesticides, chemical fertilizers, molds, parasites-There is no way to be absolutely safe without living in a bubble. We just do the best we can.



    Most rabbits find paper/cardboard yummy and fantastic. My bunnies ches on newspaper and cardboard. I haven’t tried paper litter. But they don’t touch the wood stove pellets. My dogs on the other and – would love to eat them. Silly canines…



    Just putting this out there if your bunny really likes paper do not waste your money on paper pellets like i did !

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