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    Happy belated birthday Ellie! ? Vlaai sounds awesome, as someone who loves cooking/baking, I may just try to make some!


    Ellie: Happy belated Birthday!  Your vlaai sounds delicious! Do you ever make some with apple filling?

    Bladesmith: If you’re getting a new console, you might as well go ahead and opt for a PlayStation. There are lots of nice exclusives coming out. It’s just better all around.  Or ask your kids to get both. After all, they got a lot of ground to make up after dropping the ball on your birthday. 


    Thank you for the birthday wishes everyone ^_^

    @OnyxMoon: Great! This is a nice project for a more experienced baker. I’ll see if I can find an English recipe somewhere The special vlaai pan and diamond grid mold may be hard to find outside of our borders, but any other large flat baking tin will work.

    -Grr, this p*sses me off… first pages on Google I find about baking vlaaien and they’re not even the traditional kind. This is cake you’re baking! You above-the-rivers-pieces-of-%%$#%… – Sorry, still half Limburgish…

    This site describes the more traditional variety:
    You can make this one with apricots, berries or plums too. Resist the urge to taste the fruit mix, or take care to use new spoons every time or it’ll never thicken. The starch will disintegrate if it comes into contact with the smallest hint of enzymes in your saliva.

    @Hazel: Not a huge fan of the crumble, it’s hard to bake a tasty crumble vlaai when working with gluten-free dough. It gets super dry, so I usually use a wetter filling: apricot (my favourite!) or cherry. Once I made a huge rijstevlaai and several fruit vlaaien as a special request for a friend’s birthday. It was decorated with cream, chocolate shavings and musical symbols made from chocolate. He was born below the rivers and he wanted to have a proper table full of vlaaien to welcome his guests. I bake many classic Dutch apple pies in the winter, but I’ve never tried it in a vlaai before.


    Happy belated birthday Ellie!! It sounds as if you’ve got plenty of reading to do with BAS presents.

    Bladesmith : oh is your ex-wife in Tennessee? is that why you’re not telling her?
    Your going back, does this mean you will see more of your kids ?

    Hazel : how are your furballs? How is Otis coming along? Baloo has got a new obsession, its a pink ‘hedgehog’ ball, with soft spikes. He L.O.V.E.S. it. It must be nicer in the mouth than his beloved tennis ball AND it SQUEAKS!!!. And so he ONLY gets it when we are play training, and he has to find it in long grass. He LOVES this game and after three searches he is KNACKERED and has a much lower energy !!! Result!!!!

    Nothing better than chewy, gooey, crunchy crumble !!!!! Hmmmmmm.


    Yeah I was thinking of the diamond grid cap vlaai. You should definitely try one with apple filling, it’s so good! Crumbles can go to hell… 


    They’re great Vienna, thanks for asking!  I’m in the process of making Bubble’s cage a bit more handicapped friendly, putting ramps in so he doesn’t have to jump to get up or down the levels. His leg hasn’t healed completely, I guess he’ll have a little limp forever.  It’s not slowing him down any, though.  Otis is doing fine, we’re having him out and about pretty much whenever we’re home/not sleeping.  I was gonna post some pictures of him, but I gotta take some of Oscar first, can’t constantly be spamming the pic thread with non-bunny pictures only…  We’re shooting for September to get him neutered, after that he’ll be old enough to start going biking with me. I hope he’ll like it!

    I think we have the same hedgehog, but it belongs to Bubbles. He loves it, too.  I’m glad to hear that things are going well with Baloo! How’s he doing with other dogs now?


    @Bladesmith: returning home, that sounds nice We get a lot of “Florida man”-news here as well. I wasn’t sure if it’s just an exaggeration or if that state is really so messed up at times. The bunsters will love the change of climate too I guess ^_^

    @Vienna: Awww, that sounds so cute! Just reading that makes me grin ^_^

    @Hazel: Apple and diamond grid won’t work I think, because the dough is bread dough. You’ll need a very wet and juicy fruit for that, else your vlaai will get dry. It’s a bit comparable to Italians pairing pasta shapes with the right sauces. Like ragù alla Bolognese which is supposed to go with chunkier pasta like tagliatelle.


    @Vienna, no, she’s down here, the famn damily is down here, and with the exception of my Ex, they all hate it here. It’s a long story, but she’s not going to be pleased.

    She’s…..not the woman I fell in love with, and neither my daughters nor I much care for who she is these days. Time to stop living in her orbit and establish our own. Far Far away.


    @Ellie Ahh, thanks for the link! I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find a proper recipe. I think I’ll try making it with berries, I’ve been in a very berry mood lately. I’ll have to search for a proper tin, hopefully I’ll be able to find one soon.

    @Bladesmith Hopefully they will, to make up for your birthday! I prefer Xbox over playstation, just because the Fable series is only available on there and PC. I recently upgraded to Xbox one from my 360, i struggled learning the new layout at first but its worth it for sure.

    I hope Tennessee treats you better than Florida, I’m actually from Florida, it gets so humid there i don’t know how anyone stands it. It gets humid and super hot in VA, being by the beach and stuff, but nothing compares to Florida humidity and heat!


    @Bladesmith: sounds like that would be healthier for you all. If it’s not going to work, not even as friends, don’t stick around. It’ll just keep you back and living half in the past. I hope you will meet some awesome people in your new area!


    @Ellie: Happy birthday! Better late than never, haha. Ooh vlaaien! I’m a filthy randstatter because I’m not very into vlaaien. 

     I prefer cake! And I prefer muffins if I’m baking myself. They’re so easy and fool proof! I like making strawberry muffins or apple + cinnamon muffins.

    I tried baking a “vlaai” once, well atleast I thought I was. After reading your post I realised it was one of those “above the rivers” wannabe’s haha. It was a custard crumble one and turned out HORRIBLE; raw on the inside, hard and dry on the outside and the curstard was tasteless and “schiftte” multiple times, woops. 

    Curious: I always thought vlaai translates to pie and that taart is cake? And then a tart is a tiny vlaai?

    @Bladesmith: Wow that sounds like quite the move! Goodluck with it! I’m sure you’ll be happy you did it once it’s over and done. 


    Hehehe, it’s a regional thing from Limburg and sometimes Brabant indeed. I’m only super into vlaaien because my dad is Limburgish, and it reminds me of my opa&oma and their farm. My vlaaien are appreciated by my friends too, because many of them are at least half Limburgish. Twente shares much of the culture, landscape and dialect with Limburg, so many of them feel at home at our Twente University. My dad made the trek back in the 80’ies to study Chemical Engineering and found out the Tukkers weren’t so different at all. Half-German unintelligible dialect, going nuts at carnaval and being very “devout” catholics the rest of the year. We’re also strong on traditions just like the Limburgish. Herman Finkers made a sketch about the language: And about carnaval being not as crazy as a Limburger may expect: 

    I must admit that the “vlaaien” you can buy at bakeries/supermarkets outside of Limburg are overly sweet. This takes away the whole purpose of the thing: vlaai is all about “simple, yet complex”. The play of textures and flavours between the salty bread dough and the slightly tart fruityness of the filling. I love this simple style of cooking, it’s quite close to the Italian cucina povera: turning a few basic ingredients into a feast. 

    You can call a vlaai a vlaai in English because it’s a unique style of baking and a protected regional dish. Just like the Italians don’t have to call their prosciutto “ham” (oh dear…). Taart is cake indeed, and a tart is an open pastry, so that can be anything between a tarte tatin to a quiche. And because vlaaien are capped, this excludes them from that category.


    We used to live in Tennessee, bailing out of Florida after the accident and getting the crap kicked out of us by the Hurricanes of 2004. So I’m going back to where I’ve been, but was happy at. It’s going to be SO nice. Plus, seasons!

    Speaking of desserts, I used to make my ex these delicious dessert crepes on special occasions. Sweet crepes filled with a vanilla creme cheese filling and drizzled with raspberry sauce

    Also my cranberry white chocolate scones are pretty good too.


    Hurricanes must be so scary! Glad to hear that you’re returning to a friendlier place ^_^

    Haha, I’ve really done it now, haven’t I? Everybody is drooling and dreaming sugary sweet dreams of vlaai, cakes and other delicious desserts.


    All five buns have just had their monthly claw clip and weigh-in, and are proud to say they have all now lost every last gram of their winter weight gain (not that it was much, no more than 200g each) and they all have their nice slim beach bodies back ready for the summer vaccation


    Yay, congrats on your happy healthy bunnies. Must be all the fresh salads lately ^_^

    Ah, domestic life… I laughed so hard today, Bas and I are so alike… He has a little stash of clothing here in my apartment for when he sleeps over. And he was always complaining about his socks going missing. Turns out that we both buy the same brand, in the same colours, from the same shop  
    Our shoe sizes don’t even differ that much, he has really elegant feet for a guy. Well, that explains my sudden ill-fitting sock problems. I’ve settled behind the sewing machine with a huge pile of recovered socks, and giving all his ones a marking.


    Thanks, though I think poor Podge is still bit confused to be called happy today. I never thought to show him Latte like a bonded bun would need to see and maybe spend time with, and he’s been a bit lost looking at times today

    As for healthy, I really hope the five we have left stay that way for a long time! Grieving is exhausting


    What??? Oh man, I’m so sorry, I just caught up with the Rainbow Bridge topic. So sorry I missed it

    Poor Podge


    I was trying to be positive with this mornings chat post, til Podge threw me with that face

    Losing two only 7 weeks apart is really difficult, it was only Podge that had any time for Latte, the other buns aren’t affected.


    Yes, he looks so forlorn Do you have a good bond with him? When Breintje is upset we try to lie down on the ground with him for a cuddle session. Or I carry him in my vest with his bum supported by a knotted shawl, like a baby sling. Could any of these things help Podge?


    G.J: Maybe you should speak a little piggy to Podge? You always used to speak piggy to Latte. Maybe Podge misses that.


    He’s jumped on and off me a few times throughout the day as I’ve sat on the settee, and had I don’t know how many ear rubs…


    Bunnies are back outside, and Podge is more like himself today, though every so often still stopping and looking around thoughtfully as if to say, where is Latte’s run, its missing and so is he. I’ve moved the empty run right out of sight…

    He’s eating fine thankfully, his appetite was unaffected yesterday too.


    Clover belly Clover belly Clover belly….

    OK, Since I shared my tale of birthday angst and woe, I thought I owed you all the polar opposite for Father’s Day.

    11:45 this morning, I’d almost given up hearing from my kids, and resigned myself to a repeat of my birthday, and being forgotten. Again. 

    Instead, I got a text from my youngest, Alyssa, telling me they were taking me out to lunch for Father’s Day. Who is “They”, I asked. Alyssa, my oldest daughter Amanda, and biggest surprise of all (No, not my ex wife, are you insane?), my ex MOTHER in Law. Knock me over with a feather.

    Now, quick backstory, my oldest is my adopted daughter, though I rarely use the term. My ex got pregnant in High School (not by me), had her when she was 15. We have had a….tumultuous relationship, to put it mildly. But I always stood up for her, even when I was standing up to her.

    And my ex MIL? Well, I’ve been under the impression for a while now that she flat hated my guts, and believed everything my ex told her family whilst blaming me for the failure of the marriage. So seeing her with the kids taking me to lunch about blew my mind.

    Long story short, we had a GREAT time at lunch, talked about a bunch of stuff we should have talked about long ago, and all got along famously. It was one of, if not the best fathers day I’ve ever had.

    But here’s the highlight of the day. The card. Well, the message my oldest wrote inside the card. Here’s what it said;

    “Dad,Thank you for always being there for me when no one else was. Thanks you for all the advice over the years. Thank you for coming into my life, and stepping up as my dad. Love, Amanda.”

    I came into Amanda’s life when she was 5 years old. I adopted her right after I married her mother. I’ve waited 17 years to see/hear those words, and they are, hands down, the greatest gift I’ve ever gotten.

    I’m a dad to two wonderful, beautiful, young ladies.  Today was a good day.

    Gordo and Janice

    What a surprise! A surprise all around in the nicest way. I’m glad you had such a great Father’s Day.

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