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    Nope, not in the military! I’m doing my PhD and they’re finished with an oral defense, where you literally have to defend your finding to an external examinator. Fun times, fun times


    Congratulations BubblesJo! You’ve succesfully made it through the final year of your PhD, also known as thesis-hell!

    Good luck on your defense in april

    I immediately thought about this one from xkcd:


    Oh Ellie, I’m sorry. I’ve had that happen before. You go to interview somewhere, everything seemed super promising, they even talk about hours, etc. and then get a “nope” completely out of the blue. That really sucks. But considering they were working with your counselor as well, I’m surprised they would string you along like that. I mean, won’t they have to deal with being questioned by your counselor? That’s just weird. I would have thought that if they weren’t interested, they would have communicated that in the beginning.

    Neil Patrick Harris! I love Neil Patrick Harris. I just heard a great interview with him on Howard Stern.

    BubblesJo – Good luck with your defense! And yes, L4B, you literally have to defend what you’ve found/written. And your committee will argue with each other and then tell you everything you did wrong.

    OMG Bam, I love baby minks!


    Yay, Jo! That’s such great news! It’ll be over before you know it, DOCtor


    That IS yay, Jo! I bet Chester is so proud =) Btw, it’s Q8 who watches A.S.O.U.E. I wish it was I, I have to get Netflix again.


    @LBJ: it’s a big shock indeed. My counselor is thinking about calling the CEO later in the week, to find out what went on. He’s also quite shocked, and we even visited the company together last week. That cost him extremely valuable time.


    Thanks guys! Thesis hell is almost done. Ellie, I love that xkcd comic! I’m seriously considering doing a thesis offense


    Ellie – He totally should! I mean, of course they are not required to hire someone. BUT if they knew you were disabled and they were working with your councelor, the assumption would be that they were serious about hiring you. Otherwise, I would have thought they would have told you or your councelor they weren’t interested. Why string you along like that? That doesn’t make sense to me.


    Bubblesjo – yayyyyy !!! Go forth and defend !

    Ellie – that sucks (an american phrase that i don’t use often, but here it just fits… )

    It sounds like dating – you go on several really good ones (or what you thought were good) and then SMACK, the door shuts with force in your very confused face. So sorry.

    Yes, your counsellor should go just to get feedback – if their mind is set, then that’s that – but it would be good to know exactly why, when as others have said, it shouldn’t have gone so far as they clearly knew your limits….

    Bam – FULL FLOP !! now that’s progress !!!! Totally share your excitement !!


    Ooooo – meant to share – when I let the buns out this morning from their ever decreasing cage space (STOP peeing everywhere then!!) Jess ran up to Zou, who in turn hopped to meet her, they nose bumped twice and then Jess ran away before something terrible happened !! LOL

    Guess who is arming hersefl with a camera when she open the cage tomorrow morning !!! (ps : me !)


    Oh yeah! Bam, I also share in your joy of the bunny flop! Love it.

    Lol LBJ10 and Bubblesjo “And your committee will argue with each other and then tell you everything you did wrong”. Yikes! All the best with that!

    Ps: did something happen to BB last night? I couldn’t access the site.


    Posted By Love4Bunny on 1/24/2017 1:35 PM

    Ps: did something happen to BB last night? I couldn’t access the site.

    Tech troubles here as well this morning: I had to log in over and over again, both on my mobile phone and on my PC. There’s a topic about it in the tech stuff subforum.


    Oh, that’s where it is! I was looking for an update because I suspected as much. Thanks, Ellie.


    Is there a contigency plan for my BB daily-drug-dose if ever the site goes down !!!!! Even temporarily !

    WHAT WOULD WE DO????!!!!! No! I can’t even imagine it !! OH ! I’ve come over all funny, all faint…. (boom!) “Ethel! help me up off the floor ETHEEEEL !!!”


    Posted By Vienna Blue in France on 1/24/2017 1:59 PM

    Is there a contigency plan for my BB daily-drug-dose if ever the site goes down !!!!! Even temporarily !

    WHAT WOULD WE DO????!!!!! No! I can’t even imagine it !! OH ! I’ve come over all funny, all faint…. (boom!) “Ethel! help me up off the floor ETHEEEEL !!!”


    L4B, most of my thesis chapters are already published, so they can’t complain *that* much. But yeah, I’ve had committee meetings where they were just disagreeing with each other. It was lovely

    Vienna, that is so cute! I hope you can get a pic tomorrow


    Bubblesjo, must be nice to have that over and done with. You’d have to be pretty confident to defend your thesis, I reckon. Sounds intimidating.

    Love it, Ellie! Definitely hug a bunny.


    Hehe, thanks L4B! I made it with a meme generator.

    BubblesJo: remember that if you’ve written your thesis, you’re the #1 expert on your research. There’s no one else who studied it so thoroughly as you have: you’ve been carving out your little niche of knowledge for years on end.

    At the defense you’ll be talking to people who are experts in your field, but not experts in your niche. That one is yours and yours alone.

    They may sometimes question some methods or some choices made during the research, but as long as you can provide logical reasons you’ll be fine!

    Know that you are the real expert here talking to people who will welcome you as a peer in the world of academia. Get out there with pride, own it, and enjoy one of the best moments of your life!


    I just recently started watching “The Walking Dead” (I’m on season 3 though ). It’s pretty gory, but also pretty interesting ha ha


    BubblesJo – Yeah, every single committee meeting I had consisted of me just sitting there while my professors argued back and forth. You’re lucky if a lot of your stuff was already published though! I bet you’ll make it through your defense with no problems. I, on the other hand, couldn’t even tell the people who came to support me whether I passed or not because my committee members were arguing for 2 HOURS following my defense. Most of them left, just my husband and his parents were there when they finally let me go. And even then, they refused to say whether I passed or not. =\

    L4B – Don’t go to graduate school! LOL


    Vienna, was that your Lucy impersonation?! I can imagine it in my head. So funny

    Moxie, my hubby LOVES that program. Powered through all the seasons in the blink of an eye but I still couldn’t bring myself to watch it.

    LBJ10, it just sounds so confronting!! I won’t be going to graduate school anytime soon, that’s for sure. I’ll just… hug a bunny instead But seriously, congrats to everyone on this thread who has done the hard yakka and worked their butts off with graduate school and the like. I think that’s awesome.

    Q8, I am sorry to have to say… I did not, I repeat, did not, enjoy Neil Patrick Harris as Olaf in A.S.O.U.E. I know!! I know. I saw the first episode. He is GOOD. Talented. But Jim Carrey brings more ominous-ness to the party, I have to say. I like sly villains and NPH was just a little to overt & comical for my liking. But he has fantastic comedic timing and he got my hubby laughing, which is not easy considering hubby doesn’t like childrens books/ movies. It’s the duplicitouness which makes Olaf who he is, and it’s like the Baudelaires and the reader are the few privvy to the truth, but the TV series underplays that dynamic, revealing too much at once. And it loses it’s mystery. I reckon that’s why the books take the readers on a journey and are addictive. You’re always waiting for the other characters to figure out the truth but it’s not believeable if Olaf is too obvious. Does that make sense? Needless to say but you’ve probably guessed – I’m a fan of the books. Totally nerded out just there.


    My sister calls Reese’s growl a “Murph” (pronounced merf) and calls her attack, where Reese stretches out her paws and lunges and digs at the same time, a “Scrumble”. Those are perfect bunny names! Murph and Scrumble! Remind me when i’m older and I get two bunnies.


    Really good bunny names, Reese

    Moxie, I love TWD! Can’t wait for episode 9 of season 7, won’t air until February sometime though :/


    Ok, it’s almost 4am and i just woke up from a bunny dream so have to share it

    I was browsing Facebook and saw a post on a bunny page saying “sighting, rabbit seen swimming in nearby suburb” at first i ignored it because usually when things like that are posted there is someone immediately there to jump to the rescue. The next day I’m browsing Facebook again and the rabbit is posted about again, saying that it’s in the lake in front of Target. I feel awful that it’s still there so drive down with my mum and husband only to find a girl i went to highschool with holding the rabbit wrapped up in a towel after having rescued it a half hour earlier. I got really upset because i wanted to be the one to rescue it. Moments later the high school girl tells me he’ll have to be put down anyway because his extremities are taking too long to warm up. I’m horrified when suddenly a lady i work with chimes in with “just put socks on his feet! ” and dashes over to her to do just that. Suddenly we’re all in a pet store and the lady i work with starts running around collecting things that you need for a rabbit. Then i got woken up

    Now i want to rescue a bunny


    Moxie, I love TWD

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooo !!!

    Now i want to rescue a bunny

    Nope – it was a dream to fool you – it’s actually of the canine sort you need to rescue….

    I’ve just seen on FB (I’m a silent lurker only) that an ex colleague / friend is adopting a (gorgeous) Bulgarian dog (looks like an Australian shepherd with a light gold colouring) with no back legs (moves with a wicked wheel thingy)…..

    Orrrrr, you’re reminding yourself to pack an extra pair of socks on your next wildlife trip out….

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