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    Vienna: I can only imagine how relieved we’ll all… errr… you’ll be
    No. Seriously. It will be glorious.

    Az: Isn’t that how it always goes?




    LBJ, my mother was in Malmö (city in the article) the other day and saw that, she told me about it only yesterday =) It’s really cute!

    Vienna, I’m so SO keeping my fingers crossed for their happy bonding! Will they be staying with the bonder for 2 weeks?

    Azerane, it does sound like a bit of a mess with the calendula and all. Do parrts like to collect shiny things the way magpies do? I’m thinking about your tree ornaments.



    Haha, not to my knowledge. She did knock one ornament off the tree, but I think that was accidental, and she was playing with the string of one, but overall she behaved pretty well. I think she was a little put off because I came right up to make sure she didn’t get into too much trouble



    That’s so cute!
    I love the idea of infusing a bit of whimsy and magic in concrete jungles.


    What a wonderful and cute idea to brighten up a city!

    @vienna: sending you all the bonding vibes in the world

    I’m spending a very lazy sunday afternoon with Breintje. I’m knitting on the couch, and taking short breaks occassionally to progress our training in voice commands.

    So far he knows:
    “Breintje, hokje!” which means “Breintje, cage!”. It works like a charm, he jumps into his cage and he gets a treat. Far easier than trying to catch him…

    He also knows “Breintje, kom maar!” which means “Breintje, it’s okay to come over!”. I had some pretty strict rules about joining me on the couch when I’m eating. He gets overenthousiastic bordering on aggressive when he wants my food and he doesn’t get it. If he’s well-behaved I call him over with that command, and he gets a bit of my fruit. It didn’t take long to get that one in.

    The next command I want him to learn is to get in his travel cage hassle-free. We’ve already put it in the living room, and he uses it as a hideout. Now I’m trying to use “Breintje, op reis!” or “Breintje, travelling”. The command “Breintje, travel cage” sounded too much like the other command, and he jumped in the other cage full of expectance. Let’s see how quickly he picks this up. I love the training process and the results are so convenient!



    I’m such a bad BBer!
    I got caught up with bunny drama again and haven’t been back on here. Guess who’s involved AGAIN? Velvet. She is seriously trying to outdo Pete for the most expensive bunny!

    Long story short, I messed up and left a gap in the barricade about an inch wide and she stuck her nose in, resulting in Tilly latching on to it! She’s got 6 stitches but is doing well. She’s a tough cookie, but such a little pain in the tail! I wish my ladies would behave! If this keeps up I’m going to find a way to make a bunny muzzle that allows them to eat but not bite! X_X



    I had a rather stressful day and came home to Winter wanting cuddles. The instant reliever.



    Hi CT!!! You really need to drop in more often. I remember seeing something about Velvet on FB, but I haven’t been to active on there lately. Poor baby.



    Ellie, that’s one very well trained bun

    Cottontail, how awful that she had to have stitches! Such naughty bunnies. I hope she is on the mend now though.

    I’m extremely frustrated right now, trying to edit video and the program just keeps crashing time and time again, that is when I can even get it to open in the first place. It’s driving me insane, it shouldn’t be this difficult. Seriously considering switching to a different video editor because I’ve had nothing but problems with Pinnacle.



    12 days until Christmas and… I’ve done zero Christmas shopping. 


    Bonder texted me last night. Her current bunny pair left her house paw in paw yesterday (ahhh bless) and so she’s waiting for me to take Z&H to her place, TODAY!!!!!

    OMG. I’m excited and worried, and guilty and yet know it’s the right thing to do. I suppose like a parent who has a child going off the rails and knows military camp will be good for them….. LOL.

    All BB fingers crossed please….. (that’s surely got to be powerful enough to succeed)….!!



    Lots of fingers n paws crossed x



    Ooh! You might have bonded buns by Christmas after all. Fingers are crossed!

    Just because im a nervous nelly, I suggest giving your fluffers a 9 day course of panacur once they come home (bonded). As precaution in case they pick up anything from other rabbits having been there.



    Vienna, that’s SO exciting! Keeping fingers and paws crossed for you!

    Cottontail, that’s terrible. It’s very typical of bunnies though. They only disguise themselves as cute little balls of fluff. Deep down they’re dragons.

    Ellie, that sounds lovely, and so practical. Breintje is living up to his name =)


    Oh, really….? Ooo hadn’t thought of that… i’ll have a chat to my vet.

    Also when i pick them up on xmas eve “together”…. can they go in the cage that Zou has just spent 3 days in? (Washed out of course….)
    Do I need new (huge) litter tray, throw away ALL toys, soapy wash all food and water bowls, and put “Ikea buns” in a long, white vinegar hot wash ?



    I knew Gina and Podge were bonded when Gina was happy to let Podge lie down on her beloved blankey! Nothing got thrown away, the floor got a got mopping down was all that was needed, so don’t be too quick to bin everything!



    Seriously? On Christmas eve? *swoons*



    i believe that they might actually be fuzzy little dragons!
    They are so destructive! Especially to each other! Velvet immediately came to me for comfort and Tilly hid until I called her. They are my two most affectionate and my two most likely to cause a vet visit or heartburn. I love my ladies… but down the road if we add another bun it’s probably going to be another boy! They are so much less trouble! They just make messes and get gassy tummies… the girls make their literal marks on the place!

    Also, I am really jealous of the fact that bonding services actually exist and that people have access to them. If we had that down here I would happily drop whatever cost they ask to get some help with these 4!


    Hehehe, my BF has made that same observation: with rabbits the ladies are the worst mischief-makers, while the boys tend to become cuddlebugs. Good luck managing the mayhem!

    @azerane, yes, training is really fun for the both of us. It has made things so much easier, because Breintje refused to be caught to be put in his cage. He used to make a game out of it, the little stinker. Me stumbling after him, while he was zooming and binkying around the coffee table. It’s working perfectly for the both of us: he gets more treats, I get to keep a shred of dignity.

    I’ve been studying today, for the first time in a while. Been brushing up on my electrotechnical knowledge, just in case when I do get that phonecall. Breintje is very disgruntled, as I’m not on the couch but studying at the dinner table. He tried to walk on the wooden floor towards the dinner table, but kept slipping and I put him back on the carpet. He can’t sit with me now, and I’m getting the stink-eye from the other side of the room.




    @Jersey, that’s not good at all We still have more to do, planning to go out tomorrow and hopefully finish. Only my nieces and nephews are getting gifts so far

    Vienna, how exciting that they’re going off to be bonded now! The 12 days of bunny Christmas is true! You’ll get two bonded buns!

    Yes it is very handy, I had Bandit trained to go back in his cage (except for the odd occasion he just wasn’t in the mood, usually if I was running late for something). I’m tempted to clicker train Luna because she is so food motivated I think she would respond really well, but it’s hard to train with another bunny around, and she refuses food if I pick her up and take her somewhere else.


    As of 19h00 tonight I am bunnyless….. they are at bootcamp. It’s all out of my hands for 10days…..

    PS. It’s Henry the mischief maker, Zou is totally calm and regal. ?


    Q8 yes christmas eve (or 23rd if i can get back over)

    and just HOW excited are you at the moment…..? Mummy is due overrrrrrrrrr….. ?



    SO I’m having a baby 🙂 A little June bug 🙂 Super exited. So now the cat and the guests get evicted from the soon to be baby room, and the cat also gets evicted from sleeping onmy bed during winter nights I don’t want her getting into the baby basinet. I’mm need a play pen to keep baby and dogs separate (big heavy bouncy border collies), and locks on the bird/bunny room for a toddler (a few years downt he line). But in the mean time, a june bug baby 🙂



    Aw, Congratulations! I hope pregnancy has been treating you well so far.
    This is your 1st baby?

    My sister’s baby is also due in June.

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