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    Oh goodness, sore subject! LOL

    Seriously though, I wanted to get in better shape before we went on vacation. I did not get to the gym as much as I would have liked, especially with the dental work that occurred before we left. I didn’t do too horribly when it came to hiking. Due to the weather though, we only got about 22 miles in altogether (3 days worth).

    I do want to go back to the gym, I just need to find a more convenient time to go. =\

    Has anyone tried those slimming patches? It’s like a sticker with herbal lotion on it, you leave it attached to your belly (or wherever) for 8 hours. I tried some while we were on vacation. I didn’t expect it to work miracles, of course. But I really do think they made my tummy jiggle less while we were hiking.



    Tony’s Mum – I know exactly how you feel! Yep, sit down job and pizza don’t mix very well.

    JP – That’s great! Glad to hear you have been making progress.


    Tony's Mum

    I’ve never heard of them! Are they like a detox patch? I think half my problem is getting organised. I have a pretty decent commute and I start work at 8, so I’m up at 6am, and home at 6pm, except on Monday and Wednesday when I have night class and don’t get home until 11pm. It’s tiring and it’s so much easier to grab a frozen pizza or something than to prep salad and veggies. Plus when you come home exhausted you feel really sorry for yourself and curling up with a cup of tea and some chocolate is really tempting!

    Good on you for hiking, I haven’t been in a few weeks myself. I might try to get out this weekend.



    I’m going to crash this thread too

    Not trying to lose much weight (maybe a couple of kilos, since I seem to have put on a couple of kilos), but trying to get in the habit of exercising and want to be held to account! I do yoga once a week, and at the beginning of summer, I was very enthusiastic about running, and worked up to 5km a few times week. But, then it got super hot and I lost all interest in running.

    I think I need to set a target of 3 runs a week? (is that a reasonable amount? I really don’t know). It’s just so hard when other stuff gets in the way, and once I’ve put it off once, it kind of gives me the excuse to keep putting it off.

    Eating wise, I tend to eat lots of veg, being veggie, but I do definitely overeat carbs (I can eat SO much rice) and am bad at snacking on cakes and biscuits in the office :/ why do people bring so much unhealthy food in?!

    LBj – 22 miles of hiking sounds pretty serious to me! almost a marathon

    Tony’s mum – do you have any quick go to recipes? Last night i made a 3-bean veggie chilli – I got home late, and couldn’t really be bothered, but a veggie chili actually basically involves opening tins and is still pretty healthy. I chopped onions and bell peppers (2 minute’s work) and fried them for 5 minutes, then added spices, tinned tomatoes and tinned beans and left it to cook for 20 minutes. That’s 3 types of veg already (since beans count), and you can serve with some avocado or guac if you can be bothered for an extra veg portion Plus it makes enough for at least 4 servings.


    Asriel and Bombur

    LBJ- I’m so jealous! I used to love hiking, but we haven’t been since we got the boys. We live a bit far from the mountains so we have to camp when we go, and finding a sitter for 1-2 days is so difficult sometimes. Most accomplished hike to date has been Mt. Washington.

    S&L- I love chili! It’s so quick and easy! John makes fun of me, but most nights I make myself a veggie stirfry with peanut sauce and buckwheat noodles, maybe if I’m crazy I’ll throw in some tofu haha. Top it all off with avocado, sweet chili sauce, siracha, and sesame seeds and you have a winner

    I’ve struggled with disordered eating a lot of my life, thanks to my parents. When I turned 18 I went from 220 down to 110 (I’m only 5’1, so honestly I look like a dough ball over 120) over the course of a few years and a bit of back and forth. But by the time I was 21 my weight was pretty stable. Two years ago I went on some medicine that made me blow back up to 145, and it’s been nearly impossible to lose it. I’ve been a consistent weight lifter since I was 20 and even dabbled in powerlifting. I’ve added cardio. I’ve done the keto thing and gone vegan. And my weight just goes up and down 5 pounds depending on the time of the month, Quite frustrating!

    Recently I’ve had to take time off the gym due to a back injury, and I’m trying to reassess my goals and life. I’m thinking about getting back into yoga. I did it rather regularly before getting into weights. I think my body is beat up from the past 6 years of intense training and needs to just chill out and recover a ton. Maybe I’ll get lucky and this will shed the weight. ha!


    Muj Mom N Bun

    Well, here go nothing…. I’m gonna jump on in to this…. this is not easy…. first please excuse me as I have not yet read all the previous posts… will try to bring myself up to speed… they go quite a bit back… maybe I will just go back to this year… second… I am not “overweight” , but I have many severe health issues that are causing physical decline, muscle loss and weight gain. Before my many diagnosis I was typically underweight so watching the weight coming on is not easy for me… and I am at an age where I can no longer just sneeze it off either… so I am faced with a double whammy!

    I am typically in so much pain daily that my aspirations of going out and walking 5 miles a day often are pipe dreams… although, sometimes, I actually can get it done… it’s just not consistent, at least not enough to make the scale . I’m on a carp ton of meds, a couple whose first major side effects are weight gain, but I rather be on those than the new fibromyalgia approved drugs they put on the market! “No WayJose!” For me! The side effects and the withdrawal from those meds make medications like the old meds like Gabapentin look like cake icing!

    As far as diets and calories… I am a calorie counting expert… a reduce or exclude this or restrict that eficionado! Salads only for a week… that’s not healthy… blah…blah…blah… get my point? Even my drs have come together many times and one said to the other that I shld see a dietician, my other Dr kindly told that Dr that I knew everything that any dietician would end up telling me…

    Long story being cut just slightly shorter… I’ve gained 15 pounds… loath my body… have had more than my fair share of mornings where I’ve missed buses bcz I cldnt get dresssed …. I want to lose weight. I used to be able to just think about this amount of weight and it would be gone! Now, between the pain that I deal with from fibromyalgia, the multiple spine problems, neuropathy, migraines and other issues… (yep I’m a mess! Every one is free to call it) and any other autoimmune flare up I am finding myself fighting an impossible battle.

    Another problem that I am beginning to see is that I am beginning to lose will and any sort of determination… I have been fighting this for 3+ years and watching my body steadily get worse and worse… and trying to telll myself I am not a quitter but finding the self drive to begin to start at zero with rebuilding muscle strength stinks… and since I used to be a dance teacher and I am a type A personality I simply lack the self patience to start at zero without imploding and causing injury because I know what my body used to do…. and I want results…. I am an extremely patient person until it comes down to myself…

    So, now with the fall coming around I want to begin my walking and running again before the cold of the winter puts me on lockdown… I am so physically affected by the weather that I can expect that I can’t go out and get much physical exercise during the summer heat and the winter cold…and I absolutely must start my PT… I’ve been kicking the can for way too long on that one… I need motivation. I cannot understand why this has been so hard to fight these days… hoping that sharing with the group and posting results timely will help me and others along…



    To all of you losing weight: Please stop. I keep finding it.


    Tony's Mum

    S&L I defintely need to get a few go-to dishes like that! It’s just a matter of being prepared, I have a chest freezer and a slow cooker etc so I don’t really have much excuse not to get myself organised! That chili sounds good, I might try it (with Guac because I love guac)

    have had more than my fair share of mornings where I’ve missed buses bcz I cldnt get dresssed ….

    Muj, I absolutely know how you feel. I have been wearing the same few outfits on rotation for weeks, because everything else makes me feel gross


    I think I need to set a target of 3 runs a week? (is that a reasonable amount? I really don’t know). It’s just so hard when other stuff gets in the way

    They are now saying that short sharp bursts of energy are better (or the same) than a long draggy jog.
    So if you don’t have time for a 45 min run or walk, SPRINT up those train stairs or your own homestairs or if you are in London then WALK up the underground steps, we are talking about 200 steps!!! Or walk up a hill just a little bit faster than you would do. It all adds up and it DOES make a difference.



    Tony’s Mum – Yes, they are like a detox/slimming “wrap”. It has stuff in it that is supposed to make the area appear slimmer. Like I said, I wasn’t expecting miracles with them. But the skin definitely felt firmer there. So I wasn’t thinner, it just jiggled less. LOL

    S&L, A&B – This was over 3 days. So, no, I didn’t think it was that much. Like I said, the weather was not that great. We did 10 miles one day, 6 miles another, and 6 miles on another. I do love hiking and luckily, I am able to have my parents take care of the boys when we go on vacation. Doesn’t mean I don’t worry about them the entire time though!

    S&L – 3 days a week seems reasonable to me. I wish I could make it to the gym that often.

    A&B – Do you do yoga on your own or do you go to a class? I haven’t had good luck with classes. =\

    Muj – OMG, I’m so frustrated with my clothes right now. I’m dreading winter because I only have one pair of jeans that sort of fit…



    Vienna – that’s good to know! I don’t actually mind doing a half hour jog once I’m out there, it’s just the motivating myself to get out that’s tricky. I do always walk up the stairs on the underground – maybe I need to start annoying everyone by trying to sprint up them

    LBJ10, I do one yoga class a week, but lots of people including my yoga teacher have recommended YouTube Yoga with Adrienne to me. I’m going to check her out and see if she has any 15 minute videos that could be done before work.


    Asriel and Bombur

    I would love to go to a class, but all the classes in the Boston area are either so pricey or at a time I can’t go, so I bought a $10 a moth subscription through Gaia. It lets you choose everything from the style of yoga to the length of the session to the intensity. I’ve been really loving. Actually yesterday I was so sore and sweaty after and hour of vinyasa haha. and you do it from home, so it’s even better!

    S&L- I love Yoga with Adrienne! She’s absolutely amazing! I think you’ll love her!


    Muj Mom N Bun

    Hi All, first….THANK YOU

    I spent a large amount of time skimming and reading many many posts and realizing that I’m not alone this morning. I also was able to tell myself that this was a safe zone where I did not need to feel like I had to censor myself to hide my self body shame, even if I rationally know I am not medically overweight. Thank you for also letting me know that I am not the only person out there who is angry at themselves for just being sick and tired of being angry at themselves… dang it… I feel fat! And even if someone else doesn’t necessarily think I’m fat or there are plenty of other people out there who are struggling with bigger weight issues than mine, or yours,, it doesn’t take away from what I may be feeling today. My thunder thighs are mine and I gotta get up in the morning and deal with them, get dressed finding a way to try to conceal them, and go to bed at the end of a day of trying to decide how to terminate them… all the same! ?

    I am 5’6 and am at the highest weight of my life rt now 133 lb outside of pregnancy… my lowest weight is ghastly/deadly and I was certainly in a very bad place for a very long time…places I no longer allow myself to go being I am a mother with a full gamut of other health concerns on my plate…. thank you very much! I mentioned that I suffer from fibromyalgia, chronic migraines (most of the month long), neuropathy,I also have something unknown at this time that is causing deterioration of the soft tissue in my joints but not causing swelling (drs believe an autoimmune that has not yet fully reared it’s ugly head, multiple herniated discs up and down my spine (pushing off surgery as a last and ultimate final resort), anxiety, ptsd, depression, hypoglycemia (which definitely makes dieting very difficult)… so I am always feeling desperate to find a way to get some strength back in my body. I also want to take back some control. I’m now mid 40s , which I’m fortunately able to shock everyone when I admit to but I can’t always hope to sail on those good graces… losing weight and keeping it off is getting harder and harder every year and my illnesses are getting more severely impacting as well and I want to be proactive before I have no ability at all.

    I can’t afford a gym. Single mom on disability….it’s free to walk around my neighborhood and I’ve scoped out a pretty nice route with uphill and long steady stretches as well, as long as weather allows…. climate change has taken a bite outta that! I would really like to start to do crunches, sit ups, core exercises… I also want to increase my arm and leg strength. I plan on doing another round of PT now that my son is back in school… hopefully they will guide me to not injure myself. I lack patience! I want results and I usually want them yesterday!

    This may sound like a crazy lady’s antique, but I still enjoy using my wii fit balance board and my wii fit u software for some exercises. Last year I actually trained myself to light pace jog… drs were against it as it was going to cause more damage to joints and spine… but IM INPATIENT! And I had less time to go out and walk those mornings but I plan to begin workouts again using the wii fit apps today! Wish me luck.

    I have been pondering buying a fitness tracker to motivate myself… Numbers in front of my eyes daily tend to get my juices flowing….has anyone used a Fitbit, do you like it! Do you have Here is an old inside joke for you alll…. “do you have pompoms and nipple tassels on it?” ….. such quality reading …. I thank you all once again !

    I’m not a shake drinker… I never have been… I prefer to eat my fruit and veggies with my bunny… she can try to tackle me for em…. I am a major salad lover! A large salad makes me giddy! Most of the time I can tell myself no complex white carbs… and so it is said, so it shall be… until junk food starts entering the home. Then the flood gates open. Most of the time I can say no to sweets, pastas, cakes, fries, ice cream…. my weakness is Lays…. betcha can’t eat just one… ?! Is that one bag! What size we talkin abt here… I usually say, self control leaves when the bag leaves the store shelf, but I have improved until I don’t.

    Well, today was the first day of school and I got no sleep last night so I am bottoming out a bit now. A little earlier than normal but I look forward to the fall and my renewed weight loss and healthier initiative endeavors that come along with cooler temperatures that allow me to be more physically active, at least until the cold of the winter comes and puts my behind on winter lock down!


    Tony's Mum

    Wii Fit is a good idea. I’m pretty sure we have one somewhere.


    Tony's Mum

    This week I’ve been really good at eating well and I’ve worked out a few times too but tbh I just feel really crappy and down and all I want is a warm blanket, comfort food, and a glass of wine ?



    Muj- as someone who has also suffered with herniated disc issues, I’m worrying about you just reading this. I completely understand the frustration of wanting results and feeling like it is just going all too slow…. but take it from me, if you don’t pace yourself it will only get MUCH worse.

    I got sudden onset of severe back pain when I was about 16. I spent most days laying in bed all day and could hardly walk myself to the shower. It was like this for about two months, my mom finally took me to a doctor who ordered an x-ray and said I was fine and referred me to PT. I did PT, which didn’t help. Over the years the pain got worse, the stiffness got worse, and the sciatica became more of a constant pulsation than a shooting pain. Of course, being so limited physically the weight just piled on. 10lbs one year, another 10 the next…before I knew it, 7 years had passed and I had gained about 60lbs….talk about feeling like a whale. And not to mention, all of that excess weight was only exacerbating the stress on my already weak back. I saw SO many doctors who just pointed to my weight being the issue, even when I would tell them that this started when I wasn’t overweight. I would get so sick of my physical state that I would force myself to exercise, which almost ALWAYS ended with me needing weeks of recovery to get over a few sessions of exercise. So I was never able to lose the weight.

    UNTIL…this February I was on another exercise kick forcing myself to bike back and forth to work, and I was hit by a car while riding my bike one day. This accident was minor, I had some scrapes and bruises from hitting the ground and my bike was bent up. But this accident led to me FINALLY getting an MRI (none of the doctors I saw would order me one). I had a severe herniation at L4/L5 that was compressing my nerve root. As well as a bulging disc at L3/L4 and at L5/S1. The spine specialist told me that conservative therapy would not help and that surgery was really my best option. I am 23, so surgery was quite a scary term to hear. But I sat back and I thought about it. I was completely miserable. Fat, in pain, no will to live. Every day I contemplated how I was going to manage living like this for the rest of my life. So I opted for the surgery, and it is the BEST decision that I have ever made. Discectomies these days are done minimally invasive, so it’s not like open back surgery or anything. I have a scar that is about 1 INCH, it was done outpatient and I went home the same day without being admitted, and I was back to work within a week.

    My surgery was in mid-April and I gave myself two weeks of rest (I probably should have taken longer, but I didn’t). I signed up for a gym membership on May 1st, and I was determined to turn over a new leaf regarding my health. At first, it was extremely difficult. My back was SO weak from years of carrying around excess weight, and I have a lot of early degeneration and disc space narrowing because I’ve been pushing myself through this injury for the last 7 years. I did a round of PT and it helped tremendously. I still have pain, and I don’t think that I’ll ever be able to live a “pain free” life due to the irreversible damage that I’ve got from early degenerative changes.

    This all ended up being MUCH longer than I anticipated… but I just wanted to caution you to take it easy. You truly don’t want to make this problem worse, or kick start degeneration. I would suggest light core strengthening and low-impact exercise, like bicycling or water aerobics! These things will allow you to still get a good workout and not risk exacerbating this issue.

    On a lighter note, I am doing a million times better, and I’ve managed to lose 45lbs (about 20kg) since May  


    Tony's Mum

    That’s AMAZING!



    Glad to see so much activity in this thread! (get it, activity, cause… we’re trying to lose weight… )

    I’m sorry to hear some of you guys have health/chronic pain problems. It’s hard enough to get in shape as it is.  Glad that you’re trying to power through it! 

    The Duchess: Wow, that’s some crazy weight loss, nice job! 

    I finally got below 170 lbs as of yesterday, down to 169 lbs. Boy that took forever. 



    As much as I hate to say it, I had the most progress when I had someone yelling at me from 0400 to 2200 daily doing pushups, running, sit ups, etc. I’d never like to go back to that, but damn if it didn’t motivate me.



    Going to check in here too Well done to all those setting themselves goals and really doing what they can. It seemed daunting to me at first, but it’s not so bad now that I’ve gotten into it.

    I put on some weight since this time last year. I’m 175pounds (79.5kg) but keep in mind I’m also 5’10”. In the last week and a half I’ve managed to lose 1.5kg. Which is a bit dramatic, but I went a bit overboard on cutting down meal sizes in addition to healthier options. It worked, but I was hungry a lot, haha. 81kg was the heaviest I’ve ever been, and for me it’s not really big because I’m tall and broad shouldered, but it was still a bit of a shock to the system when I stepped on the scale that day. I’m super active at work, I do so much physical activity at work that by the time I get home I’m too physically exhausted to exercise. (Some days I do 20,000 steps at work alone, in addition to pulling things, lifting things etc). I love my job, but there are some days when I cannot get up after resting because my body is exhausted and simply refuses to cooperate. So I get home and all I want to do is sit down, which is understandable. So in knowledge of the fact that I already have good muscle tone and do so much physical activity, the only way I can cut down is with diet. Which has been hard. I like sugar, and chocolate, and take away is so much easier than cooking etc etc. Using the app on my phone as a guideline for counting calories is helping to at least be a guide and to help keep me motivated. I think it’s been easier to reduce portion sizes, than to cut out bad things completely. Otherwise if I cut them completely, I just end up binge eating whatever it is at the end of the week.

    Here’s to fitting into my favourite pair of shorts again in time for Summer


    Tony's Mum

    I’ve been really organised this week and it’s really helped. I start back at night classes on Monday so I’m hoping to do a load of cooking and freezing this weekend. All recipe suggestions welcome! I’m a good cook and I have lots of kitchen equipment, so I’m happy/able to try anything


    I do always walk up the stairs on the underground – maybe I need to start annoying everyone by trying to sprint up them

    If you’re annoying other people, I’m guessing you’re walking up the escalator… no, no, no.
    I’m talking about bounding up the non-moving middle alley…. . Oh yes !!! Try it… you’ll see the difference


    Tony's Mum

    Guys I have fallen off the wagon hard. Two takeaways in two nights plus cake. Mellie has stasis and I have a bad cold and I have not handled it well AT ALL. I actually feel really crap now and I regret eating all that rubbish ?


    Muj Mom N Bun

    @Vienna: Hah hah!!!! I am ALWAYS that person!!! I am terrible! Up or/and Down! Escalators aren’t made so you can stand there and take a chill pill, they’re made to do double time! People! Move over, lady in heels flyin thru! Hee hee! Zoom


    Muj Mom N Bun

    And now for the not fun stuff. I did not put myself on the scale at all this week. I didn’t have the heart to do it because I just wasn’t physically feeling well enough to be able to do anything about whatever I would see anyway. Sounds lame, yes,I know. Feels the same way. The heat and intense humidity that doubled down on my area over the last few weeks really hit me. I ended up feeling like pure crap! Constant nausea, dizziness, weakness, pain, migraines, exhaustion miserable run down the full list crap! So once back to school began I found myself having to take a nap (there were a few days that I needed 2 and I’m not one bit proud of it), thus I have hardly been in much shape to be proactive. I hope that that also means that along with nausea and extreme exhaustion came reduced calorie intake and maybe a little weight loss but if anything at all was lost, it most likely would be due to dehydration. So I decided to not torture myself by putting a number in my brain to beat myself up with next week.
    I have been cleaning up my overall intake the last few weeks, so that’s doing a bit better.Hoping for a better week to come.

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