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Last Post by Sean at 5/12/2007 5:44 AM (5 Replies)
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User is Offline Nicole
Hemsbach, Germany
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5/10/2007 10:52 AM

I hope this is okay....my name is Nicole and just found this great page with google.
actually i was searching for a webcam 

I call two bunnys my own and i´m also a member of a help for bunnys, called Kaninchenschutz ev.
the webpage is www.kaninchenschutz.de

please accuse my bad english 

greetz from germany

User is Offline jellyrose
Huntington Beach, CA
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5/10/2007 1:09 PM
Willkommen Nicole! Freut mich. Now you will have to excuse my very bad German because that is all I can remember! It's nice to have people from all over the world on the forum... there are people from the UK (my original home!) and also I'm sure there is some one from Greece as well! It's always interesting to hear another perspective.
I love your web site, a little difficult for me to underdstand (I understood most of it with the help of my boyfriend, who lived in Berlin for a short time!) there were some beautiful photographs! I guess we all have one thing in common though ; )...... we all love bunnies!!! Good for you for helping bunnies in need! Auf Wiedersehen!

User is Offline BB
San Francisco Area
Forum Leader
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5/10/2007 3:49 PM

Welcome Nicole!  I took two years of German in High School, and all I can remember is how to count to 29, and say "Ich bin tanzen"  ONLY  because it sounds so much the same in English "I am dancing"

It's wonderful that you also help bunnies!  So what got you interested in rabbits?  And what are yours like?

User is Offline osprey
Los Altos, California
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5/11/2007 5:56 AM
Hello Nicole, welcome to BinkyBunny.

User is Offline Nicole
Hemsbach, Germany
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5/11/2007 9:25 AM

thanks for the warm welcome

hmm, it´s a ard question, what got me interesst in Bunnys..I Just love them.

we have two bunnys. First, there is our old Lady Lilly. She is 7 years old, but she is sick. She has cancer, but all we can do is to give her a wonderful live with a lot of bad food. at the picture she is the right one.

and on the other hand there is Charly. He is 6 years old. he is the bunny on the left side.

I took the picture a few minutes ago


User is Offline Sean
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5/12/2007 5:44 AM
welcome to binky bunny Nicole! i went to ur website but i dunt understand anythign lol

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