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Last Post by Faye Perry at 4/19/2007 9:44 PM (8 Replies)
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User is Offline Faye Perry
Leicestershire, UK
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3/31/2007 11:56 PM

I was sitting in the lounge with my friend yesterday when she looked at the wall and asked is that what the rabbits have done??  It looks like a bunny.... I looked at the place where Booboo has taken to chewing the wallpaper, and had to do a double take (we are doing the house up so we've let them take the paper off for us - saves us a job) and saw this

Does anyone else see the bunny??

i did have to draw the nose and eye on for my hubby (he's not as imaginative as us girls) xx

User is Offline Hedi
Dayton, OH
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4/01/2007 4:09 AM

I do see the bunny!

Our oldest did this for us too. The wallpaper was so old that they only got the paper part off the wall, when they pulled it of it left the glued paper on the wall.

Cheap bunny labor

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User is Offline poopy
Orange County, CA
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4/06/2007 6:06 PM
That is hilarious! Thank god my Medusa isn't a chewer!

User is Offline Gravehearted
Campbell, CA
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4/08/2007 9:21 PM
that is fantastic - Booboo the artiste! is he taking commissions yet?
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User is Offline Faye Perry
Leicestershire, UK
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4/09/2007 12:13 AM

Ha Ha somebody else said that she could make us 'millions' being a bunny artisite!!!

Do you think it would be wrong to enter her into the world of art?? I mean its a big commitment for her, attending all the lavish shows and meeting royalty and the likes....and I don't think she's ready for TV, although she is a bit of a diva!!!!  ha ha

She actually modified her work by chewing a little piece just under the nose, which made it look like front teeth...(i didn't get a picture) and now she has done a little more... unfortunately i think she was having a 'dark' moment as it now looks more like a mutant bunny

Anyway it's getting the wallpaper off the walls so thats saved me a job...... there is PLENTY more for her to work on so we'll see what she conjures up next xx


User is Offline BB
San Francisco Area
Forum Leader
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4/09/2007 7:21 PM
An Original Buncasso!    FUNNY!!!!

User is Offline Sean
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4/14/2007 5:08 PM
ya i see the bunny lol but ur bunny is mean for doin that on ur wall lol

User is Offline cookie627
Naperville, IL
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4/15/2007 5:09 AM
well bunnies do that at times. you cant blame them. lol
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User is Offline Faye Perry
Leicestershire, UK
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4/19/2007 9:44 PM
it really is ok because the wallpaper has to come off anyway... so really she is doing me a favour!!
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