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Last Post by jerseygirl at 5/15/2011 8:57 PM (22 Replies)
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User is Offline jerseygirl
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5/13/2011 10:41 AM
Any update on Tippy?

User is Offline MarkBun
Richmond, CA
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5/13/2011 9:45 PM
So Tippy's muscles are increasing. I can tell by the amount his foot fights me whenever I am working on it. However, he still has a balance issue with his backside that often has him falling over onto his bum leg. At which point, instead of trying to right himself, he just drags himself around via his front paws.

So, being the very stubborn headed bun that I am, I bought an erector set to build myself an anti-tipping device for tippy. However, my childhood has been killed because first, all erector sets seem to be these little, tiny packs to make little vehicles and second, the only rigid items in them these days are basically the screws. Everything else is made out of a semi-rigid plastic that bends and is rounded at the edges so the poor lil babies can't hurt themselves anymore.

So the device I came up with for him sucked seven ways to Sunday. I salvaged as much as I can and will be using it as a template to make a more sturdy item. The trick isn't so much making an item that lifts his hind quarters, it is making it so that he just doesn't keep on flopping over onto his left side. The even more tricky part is that the left side is where he has his 'kickstand' leg.

Yup, it's going to be an engineering marvel but I hope to have something that will keep his butt and back upright for half an hour a day. Would LOVE to have something that lasts 24 hours but gotta be realistic. I even thought about creating a guideline/bungee system that ran the length of his cage so that he was always in a sling keeping his butt and back straight but can't guarantee that someone won't get caught badly during the night.

Meanwhile, his girlfriend Nadia seems to keep on trying to show him HOW he should be acting. Such things as periscoping up even with her bum leg.

So, yeah, people say he's showing a better attitude but I think he's plateaued until he stops falling over.

Oh, and I am going to ask Marcy if I can take him to see Dr. Harvey again and I'm going to discuss with her other options, including amputation. I don't want to do it but it almost looks like his kickstand leg is moving more under his body that it used to be a couple years ago and that could be causing the major balance issues. IMO would be better to remove it entirely so that there is freedom for some sort of appliance to stop the tipping of the Tippy.

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User is Offline jerseygirl
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5/15/2011 8:57 PM
Maybe you'll have to look into vintage meccano. Though that could be pricey!

I had to go back and look at the SAB videos at how he used to move about. It's surprising he's tipping on the "kickstand" side. It this because that leg is more tucked in now? Maybe you'll have to incorporate an actual kickstand with a wheel or roller ball into the design.

You may have seen this type apparatus but I thought no harm linking it here anyway. These ones do allow the hind legs to contact the ground (& possibly be used) though with wheels, I wonder if the rabbits are only using their front legs to scoot around. If the sling is lowered enough they might bear some weight on the hind legs. I've not seen it, but wonder if something like sliders (skis?) would be better then wheels or more problematic? Anyway, this particular rabbit appears to use his hind legs some.

I also happened to see this rabbit in the BunSpace photo contest and then looked at the profile. It has a lot of close up photos of it in it's wheels.

Maybe not for Tippy, but you could always go into business making customised wheels for rabbits. ; )
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