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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > THE LOUNGE > Do you have a Bunny Room?
Last Post by Leeza at 7/06/2014 11:31 PM (86 Replies)
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User is Offline Soozalicious
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6/06/2014 3:59 PM
Will have to get pics but my ruby ( she was with her best bud Brian but he passed two weeks ago) has the little bedroom to herself, well I say to herself, it's got the tortoises in, the lizards and snake in, but they're up in tanks, ands it's company for her as grumpy tort stomps and clonks about... she has her big cage always open with food, hay and water in, where she can go and do her personal lady things. The whole rooms carpeted, and old shelving wood nailed all around to stop her hacking the skirting boards to bits, and to gnaw on and keep her teeth down, she also has a little gate, which she's just taken to shutting herself out and so resulting in flopping fully at the top of the stairs, knowing either me or my hubby will be up shortly to give her a nose and back of the ear rub! Unless she decides to come downstairs and join us in front of the tv. If we get up for a tinkle in the night she rushes to the gate for a cuddle. :-)

User is Offline Soozalicious
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6/06/2014 4:08 PM
I must apologise, the old iPads playing up and posted the same message. SORRY!!!!

User is Offline LongEaredLions
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6/06/2014 4:14 PM
I have deleted the extras.
 photo 4b0ccaa5-3153-4b96-9b60-10b5d2f80f1c_zpsbbd9e430.png

User is Offline Usagi1618
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6/17/2014 9:08 PM
Posted By Moonlight_Wolf on 10/03/2010 2:02 PM

Sorry did those pictures turn out weird to anyone? Like going off the post?

.......How did you get my rabbit Charlie? he has the SAME line/dot marking on his back lololol

But anyway. My boys have the whole run of our basement so they are nice and cool in the summer. I move them up to my bedroom during the harsh Minnesota winters. Their habitat includes laptop for Netflix (favorite show is cake boss, they are GLUED to the screen) strawberry bed, doggy bed with a stool on top with a blankie that they LOVE, and some cute cushions and blankets all around the basement for them. They sure can tire themselves out with such a big space lol.

First three are of my room, last few of basement for summer

 photo 10152423_707174495991985_4664172782046321434_n_zpsc7d6c648.jpg

 photo 10256801_700585556650879_1683812610688944544_n_zps308e194e.jpg

 photo Screenshot_2014-06-04-09-05-49-1-1_zps116f4371.png

 photo 10457554_710934028949365_5454420214255437811_n_zps347cb80f.jpg

 photo 10322814_689800831062685_1264522351828704017_n_zpse8be2f3e.jpg  cool basement with wire blocked off. THAT DARN MOMMY

User is Offline RetroSquid
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6/27/2014 2:33 AM

Due to our buns not getting along at the moment, we cycle our bun room, Navi or Daisy gets it during the day while the other is in the living room, then, around 6pm, we swap them, THEN, over night, Link gets the room...
It's a bit of a mission, but until they're bonded it's our only choice...

But, whenever we get pet food/bun treats/tubes and all sorts of other stuff delivered, the boxes get a hole or two cut in them and then dropped into the room as part of the bun-fort.
It's cheap and easy.

And, although they all spend time inside, munching hay and the likes, we're yet to find any pee, which is fantastic.

User is Online HouseMiniLops
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6/28/2014 9:19 AM
Usagi1618, your two look exactly like mine! Except the brown one is only 6 weeks old so half the size. I was so hoping they would end up bonded like your to, and I am so sad it looks like it may not.

User is Offline Leeza
Edmonton, Canada
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7/06/2014 11:31 PM
No bunny room yet.... but it's my dream! When I move next, I'll make sure there's an extra room for the bunnies to stay while I'm not home

Ooooh retrosquid, that room looks great. Envious of the bunny fort
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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > THE LOUNGE > Do you have a Bunny Room?

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