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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > THE LOUNGE > gosh these dumb updates
Last Post by bunnytowne at 11/07/2009 10:51 AM (4 Replies)
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User is Offline bunnytowne
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11/05/2009 9:38 AM

So the other day I installed some windows installer updates that came for my vista.   Guess what.    It messed everything up.

This update is to make pics vid copy paste mail   with pics  easier.      Well what happened is I can't  get the videos to work.   I had a default windows photos I tried to change it could not do so

i uninstalled hp photo printer.   In reinstalling it  well.....     that windows installer   it wont' let you   install or uninstall anything.   I was able to uninstall the printer    then I installed the update.  

Warning do not install that update.  

I looked it up and vista users are having problems with it. 

Everytiem I use my laptop now  the setup.exe is requesting to finish uninstalling then if you  mess with it you need to restart your comp.  Then when it comes  back on   it still causing problems. 

So now I cannot upload pics  I am afraid to.   Guess we have to wait a month or so for the update fix to come out and fix it.   I never would have found the problem if I had not looked up  windows installer.  

OH I also uninstalled all the latest updates since Oct 31.   I still cannot install my printer to my vista.   Hopefully the update to fix this new problem is around the corner.


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User is Offline Desma
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11/05/2009 12:23 PM
I have windows Vista and I heard that you can change to the new windows 7. How can you do that? Do you have to remove the Vista first. I am not too keen on the Vista by the way.

User is Offline bunnytowne
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11/06/2009 4:41 PM

I Heard that too.    Seems you have to buy the windows 7   to install it.

IS free depending on when you got your pc.    I dont' know if you have to uninstall vista or not.    When you buy the W7 you can ask them.   Also the disc is probably step by step as well.

I talked to a man who works at Harris corp  a computer wiz.   Harris is the place where they make parts and stuff for NASA.

HE told me how to fix this but I can't find the RUN   I go to start like he said and I dont' see run.   I can call him tomorrow and find out.

Today I was having fun with my son visiting and I found I cannot play videos on this comp now even the ones on photobucket.  Yikes. 


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User is Offline Barbie
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11/06/2009 4:47 PM
BT, to find run, click on start, and you'll see at the bottom on the program list, a search bar. Type "run" into it and hit enter and it'll bring up the window that you need. Do you have the program or folder name? The guy probably told you what to type once you opened Run, right? Cus beyond that, I can't help you, sorry.

User is Offline bunnytowne
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11/07/2009 10:51 AM

thanks I did figure it out this morning.    It won't uninstall windows installer 4.5 tho.      ahhh the many issues I get into.   Well anyhoo

My son came yesterday and we had so much fun.   HE took me to eat at my fav WEndy's   teheee.     Yes I love Wendy's.

I just might bring in computy  pinky  to comp dr  in feb  hopefully he can fix everything the way I want it to work. 

 photo bunnytownesiggy.jpg
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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > THE LOUNGE > gosh these dumb updates

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