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10/16/2009 12:12 PM

 hi everyone, my name is jennifer, i live in nebraska, i am 32 years old. does anyone else live here?  its very nice to meet you all    i was searching some rabbit info on google and cam across this website. i just had to make an account! i have three purebred belgian hares, lucy, taffy and nutmeg. they are loose in the house 24/7. they have full run. what active rabbits lol. i see binkies constantly and races around the house too. it is so cute. i have had lucy for 7 years, taffy for 2 years and nutmeg for 1 week!  as much as they are active though, they love to kick back and do some mutual grooming.  both lucy and taffy are spayed, and nutmeg is getting spayed when she hits 5 months. they have a litterpan in each room, filled with yesterdays news and timothy hay. we go thourough a lot of litter    (full run includes full run of all levels, which is upstairs and basement too)


we have a cat named meeko who is actually very good friends with the three bunnies. her calico fur looks good with them lol.  sometimes she sleeps with them. meeko is getting very old(21 years) and i am afraid i am going to loose her this winter. she hasnt been doing so well lately .


everynight when the buns get tired they jump on my bed and sleep with me in a big bunny pile. which usually includes meeko 







heres what they eat each day(they get fed once):

unlimited timothy hay(in litterpans)

1/2 cup pellets (for all three)

and 6 cups of collard, carrot tops, beet tops, radish, mint, basil, dill, cilantro, romaine, greenleaf, kholrabi, kale, red leaf, escarole, and endive.


sometimes they get a slice of apple(each) or 1/4 or a carrot(each). but thats just a few time a week for a treat. 


heres some pics/info! 



  lucy: 7 years old / 12 pounds





 taffy: 2 years old / 13 pounds





  nutmeg: 9 weeks old / 1.8 pounds.



thanks for reading! happy to meet you all. see you in the forums!

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Hillsboro, Oregon
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10/16/2009 12:37 PM
Welcome to BB Such pretty bunnies you have, just wanna snuggle them! And WOW Meeko has certainly lived a long life, and sounds like a good one too, snuggling with the bunnies My mom lost her maine coon Jack a year or so back, he was with us a good long time, 17 years I believe. Most spoiled cat ever I swear. He died a happy old man. Hope Meeko can manage to stick around a bit longer for you. *hugs*

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10/16/2009 4:19 PM


Whoever says "It's only a rabbit" has obviously never loved a rabbit.

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10/16/2009 4:20 PM
Welcome Jennifer! Belgian hares! - I'm exicited to have you & and the buns join!! The girls look amazing! I'm surprised they get to that weight as their body form makes it seem they'd be lighter. And Nutmeg.......oooohhhh, so cute! Sounds like you have a lovely furfamily with Meeko and the buns all together. You must post pics of her too. We're pretty gah-gah for all animals here.
Whoever says "It's only a rabbit" has obviously never loved a rabbit.

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10/16/2009 5:16 PM

belgian hares are great. they seem very slender dont they? but you pick 'em up and that all changes,doesnt it? not so much fat, its just that they are a very muscular breed----and they are huge! so long and tall. they definatly classify as a large breed lol. nutmeg is quite a sweetie. i get some pic of meeko later.

monkeybun---i love maine coons! i had a maine coon mix as a kid. they are great cats. i bet jack was beautiful!

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10/16/2009 6:30 PM
welcome to BB! you should know that we demand pictures often some of us *cough monkeybun cough* get violent and poke with sticks.
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10/16/2009 6:41 PM
Welcome Jennifer, Lucy, Taffy, Nutmeg and Meeko! I have never seen a Belgian hare, they are stunning!! I was surprised by their weight too, they look so slender. Nutmeg is adorable!! Meeko has a good life hanging out with bunnies. My bunny Valen, just loves our cat, Sam. Valen either thinks he is a cat or that Sam is a bunny! I hope Meeko stays with you longer too. *Hugs*
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10/16/2009 6:59 PM
Welcome! Your girls are beautiful! <3 I've never seen a Belgian hare before either. It so much fun to learn about different bunnies. =P

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