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Last Post by Kokaneeandkahlua at 10/05/2012 11:31 AM (7 Replies)
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10/01/2012 7:20 AM
Mimzy just got spayed on the 27th so today is barely starting day 4 of her recovery but she's been doing extremely well & was already very active on day one. She eats her normal amount of food every day & considering it was barely the start of her recovery, i didnt want her messing up her incision. So I confined her to the top level of her condo because she kept getting out when she was on the bottom while I was feeding her the other day, I had her cage door open & she was considering jumping off her 3rd floor just because she was so desperate to come out lol.

I still don't want her to mess anything up so I haven't let her out yet. What about a small play area? Or will that still have a chance at damage if she binkies? Otherwise, I guess I'll just have to be patient for 2 more days

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10/01/2012 8:06 AM
My girl got to exercise after day 3 and never tore anything, but she was pretty quick healing. And I kept her binkying to a minimum through distraction (treats, other toys, etc). If in doubt, call and ask your vet what they think.

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10/01/2012 10:12 AM
My vet says 1 week minimum, as the incision won't be fully healed inside, even if it seems like it is on the outside. Better to be safe than sorry

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10/01/2012 10:46 AM
I couldn't keep Lady confined longer than 4 days, I ended up letting her out into the living room. I figured she could do more damage to herself inside the cage with the way she kept stretching up and picking up the xpen and slamming it down. She took it slow, she was just happy to be with the rest of us.

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10/01/2012 1:01 PM
I guess I'll just be safe than sorry =/ My vet is kinda far & I just know she's going to go crazy with excitement and do a lot of zoomies & binkies I bought her 3 new toys today for when she's able to come out again. I hate seeing her little face hoping to be let out every time I go up to her cage hehe. Just going to check it again tomorrow and see how it's healing up, thanks for the input
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10/01/2012 1:06 PM
Awwww, poor Mimzy! I know how you feel though. My little guy was aaaaangry when he came home from his neuter. All he wanted to do was be out and he practically tore down his cage attempting to do so.
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10/02/2012 1:35 AM
It's been a while since I've dealt with a spay but I'm pretty sure I let Olivia out for play time in a small area of the living room after a few days. I felt too bad not spending time with her.

Glad Mimzy is recovering well.
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10/05/2012 11:31 AM
I think I did the same thing as LPT; it was a few days later and she wasn't too active anyways so supervised some short time out.
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